Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Should you hide the Lama or Rocket’s Illegal Technology

Here is which one you should choose to hide.

There are a lot of different choices you can make in Guardians of the Galaxy, which will trigger different outcomes. Some of these choices can make significant differences in how the story plays for you. So we have made a complete guide on whether you should choose to hide the Lama or illegal Technology in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Lama or illegal technology, which one should you choose to hide in Guardians of the Galaxy

If there is a choice that could affect your gameplay, it is this one. While trying to hide the Lama at the end of chapter 1, Peter discovers Rocket has put illegal Technology in the ship. The team will argue as to which one they should hide and which one they should not. Peter will get to make the final decision, and if you are wondering which choice is the best one, we have you covered.

Guardians of the Galaxy FIned
Credit- Eidos Montreal

You will have to pay a fine depending on the dialogue you choose. If you choose to hide the Space Lama, it will cost you 7000 units fine and 8000 units for illegal Technology. However, If you stay silent, it will cost you 9000 units. You can earn a lot of units throughout the game, so this would not matter later in the game. If you choose to say silent, you will engage in more conversations, but it’s nothing significant in them.

The Lama will join the Guardians of the Galaxy no matter what choice you choose. However, one significant change is that if you decide to hide the Lama over the illegal Technology, one of the bosses you face later in the game will be more challenging to defeat. There is no wrong choice here. Just one increases the money and difficulty, so choosing to hide the illegal Technology is better.

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