All Essence of Aether Sample Locations in MW3 Zombie

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Here is how to find all Essence of Aether Sample in MW3 Zombie.

Modern Warfare 3 provides the players with an exceptional open-world zombie experience through the newly introduced Operation Deadbolt. The Zombie Mode of Modern Warfare 3 is rich with unique content that further amplifies the gameplay elements of the newly released game. The Zombie mode also has a well-decorated campaign story mode with a finely arranged storyline.

In the Zombie mode of Modern Warfare 3, you will need to carry out different tasks to complete the story mode. The story mode consists of different fun and exciting missions that will make you explore a lot of different areas. At some point in the story, you will be required to collect three Essence of Aether Samples. In this guide, we will give you the location of all the Essence of Aether Sample in MW3 Zombie mode.

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MW3 Zombie: Locations of All Aether Sample

Essence Sample 1 – Hamza Bazaar

Hamza Bazaar Essence Sample

You will find the first essence sample inside a building located in Hamza Bazaar. Hamza Bazaar can be found on the eastern side of the map. It can be found in the town next to the bridge of Hadiqa Farms. Here, you will find two long buildings with a plaza in between them. Now, head inside the plaza in the middle and you will find the first Essence Sample here.

Essence Sample 2 – Rostova Shops

Rostova Shops Essence Sample

The second essence sample can be found in the building located on the southeastern side of Levin Resort. Alongside the highway of the Levin Resort, you can find the Rostova Shops which are square in shape. Now, enter the area and head inside the middle building. Inside the middle square building, you will find the second essence sample.

Essence Sample 3 – Quadri Shopping Center

Quadri Shopping Center Essence Sample

The final essence sample can be found in a building located near Zaravan City. From the Zaravan City, head towards the northwest side and look for a colorful building. After entering this area, you will find a big roundabout. Just around the roundabout, you will find a covered restaurant. Now, go inside the building to find the final essence sample.

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