You Can Now Stash Throwing Stars (Shuriken) in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

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Here’s a complete guide on how to get Throwing Stars (Shuriken) in Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has many weapon choices for the players. All these weapons have been introduced over time since the franchise’s first title. While many weapons from the previous titles have been carried to the latest title, some of them have also been renamed. The Shuriken in MW2 is now known as Throwing Stars.

In the previous titles of Call of Duty, you could simply level up to unlock some weapons in the game. While you can still do that in Modern Warfare 3, the developers have added a new system where you must grind a bit before unlocking any weapon. Unlocking the Throwing Star is a weapon that requires your effort before you can get it. In today’s guide, we will look at how to get Throwing Stars in Modern Warfare 3.

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How To Get Throwing Stars In Modern Warfare 3

Throwing Stars are like the upgraded version of a Throwing Knife. It’s a one-shot kill weapon, but hitting the target is very hard. But if you do hit your target, you are up for epic kill cams.

You must kill 50 enemies with the Throwing Knife to unlock the Throwing Stars in Modern Warfare 3. You will unlock the Throwing Knife once you have reached Level 30. Once you have your hands on the Throwing Knife, get on grinding.

But as you have already guessed, grinding with a knife will be hard to complete. Since hitting your targets with a Throwing Knife is hard, we recommend you play maps with smaller areas and close-ranged combats. The 24/7 Rust or 24/7 Terminal playlists are the best maps to grind for this objective.

Once you have managed to kill 50 enemies with the Throwing Knife, you will immediately unlock the Shuriken. There are no other requirements for unlocking the weapon.

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