All Collectible Treasures in Pikmin 4

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is a list of all the treasures that can be collected in Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 is the latest addition to the famous Nintendo Switch series Pikmin. Players can complete a wide range of tasks in this game using their little Pikmin. Moreover, the game also includes a lot of features for the players to explore and unlock.

The most notable unlockable feature of Pikmin 4 is its treasures. Treasures are hidden at several locations around the map in Pikmin 4, including some underground locations. Players will need to explore different areas and use their exploration skills to find all of these treasures. In this guide, we will provide you with a list of all Pikmin 4 treasures along with their basic information and the location to find them.

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Pikmin 4: List of All Treasures

Pikmin 4 has a total of 110 treasures hidden throughout the map. Some treasures boost Pikmin stats, while others unlock new areas or features. Players will need to explore different areas and use their exploration skills to find all of the treasures.

Autumn Harvest Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Zest Bomb3760Serene Shores
Delectable Bouquet21070Cradle of the Beast
Portable Sunset21070The Mud Pit
Tremendous Sniffer21290Primordial Thicket
Crunchy Deluge21290The Mud Pit
Disguised Delicacy3540Secluded Courtyard
Blonde Impostor2540Secluded Courtyard

Dazzle Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Unbreakable Promise110150Hero’s Hideaway
Golden Vaulting Table110001000Primordial Thicket
Olfactory Sculpture110150Below-Grade Discotheque
Princess Pearl13150Serene Shores
Sticky Jewel2320Blossoming Arcadia
Hoop of Healing23130Sightless Passage
Hoop of Passion23130Engulfed Castle
Hoop of Fortune23130Drafty Gallery

Extragavent Breakfast Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Condensed Sunshine112180Dream Home
Flaky Temptation17110Kingdom of Beasts
Cushion Cake17110Frozen Inferno
Puzzle Snack17110Frozen Inferno

Gimme Gimme Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Greed-Inducement Device115230Seafloor Resort
Disk of Joyous Wisdom621Kingdom of Beasts
Disk of Angry Wisdom3210Plunder Palace
Disk of Sorrowful Wisdom2225Plunder Palace
Disk of Amusing Wisdom3250Plunder Palace
Disk of Surprising Wisdom32100Plunder Palace

Modern Amenities Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Secured Satchel17150Engulfed Castle
Floral Instigator1120Blossoming Arcadia
Fastening Item3110Dream Home
Trap Lid12120Seafloor Resort
Perforated Raft8110Sun-Speckled Terrace
Gift of Friendship11280Cavern for a King

Memory Fragment Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Memory Fragment (Top Left)1250Aquiferous Summit
Memory Fragment (Top-ish)1250Doppelganger’s Den
Memory Fragment (Top…Probably?)1250Drafty Gallery
Memory Fragment (Top Right)1250Industrial Maze
Memory Fragment (Left Edge)1250Subzero Sauna
Memory Fragment (Center Left)1250Subterranean Swarm
Memory Fragment (Center Right)1250Cavern for a King
Memory Fragment (Right Edge)1250Ultimate Testing Range
Memory Fragment (Bottom Left)1250Plunder Palace
Memory Fragment (Bottom-ish)1250Cradle of the Beast
Memory Fragment (Bottom…Probably?)1250Engulfed Castle
Memory Fragment (Bottom Right)1250Kingdom of Beasts

Recreation Recollections Series

Orbital Communication Sphere5540Blossoming Arcadia
Sphere of Fuzzy Feelings17100Blossoming Arcadia
Tandem Trainer110150Drafty Gallery
Orb of Destruction510150Sun-Speckled Terrace

Rubber Cutie Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Universal Rubber Cutie31090Secluded Courtyard
Planetary Rubber Cutie5540Kingdom of Beasts
Stately Rubber Cutie10320Industrial Maze
Dapper Rubber Cutie13100Serene Shores

Sweet Tooth Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Sweet Stumble-Not3760Kingdom of Beasts
Sweet Torrent110150Plunder Palace
Deceptive Snack2540Crackling Cauldron
Cookie of Nibbled Circles1350Crackling Cauldron
Cookie of Prosperity1350Kingdom of Beasts
Vanishing Cookie1350Engulfed Castle
Love’s Fortune Cookie1350Plunder Palace
Hearty Container1350Plunder Palace
Jiggle-Jiggle110150Dream Home
SS Berry2340Plunder Palace
SS Peppermint2340Hero’s Hideaway (Surface)
SS Chocolate2340Crackling Cauldron

Soulful Musicians Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Spouse Alert2270Drafty Gallery
Emperor Whistle1580Serene Shores
Path Creator15100Rescue Command Post
Harmonic Synthesizer17110Blossoming Arcadia
Seafloor Resort
Wind Detector17110Blossoming Arcadia
Ambiguous Hostel110150Serene Shores
Mechanical Harp (Memory Song)17150Blossoming Arcadia
Mechanical Harp (Lullabies)17150Cavern for a King
Mechanical Harp (Windmills)17150Hero’s Hideaway
Amplified Amplifier112180Below-Grade Discotheque
Shake-a-Smile112180Blossoming Arcadia
Time Marker112180Secluded Courtyard
Mega Horn115250Subterranean Swarm

Spring Crop Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Sunseed Berry3370Sun-Speckled Terrace
Cupid’s Grenade6120Blossoming Arcadia
Searing Acidshock3350Blossoming Arcadia
Velvety Dreamdrop2540Blossoming Arcadia
Astringent Clump21290Secluded Courtyard
Wayward Moon250200Blossoming Arcadia

Summer Fruit Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Lesser Mock Bottom2340Sun-Speckled Terrace
Mock Bottom21290Serene Shores
Dawn Pustules215110Serene Shores
Dusk Pustules215120Doppelganger’s Den
Crimson Banquet1100200Serene Shores
Juicy Gaggle3120Engulfed Castle

Tropical Pickings Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Dapper Blob2540Seafloor Resort
Scaly Custard21070Engulfed Castle
Seed Hive21290Frozen Inferno
Stellar Extrusion2540Serene Shores
Heroine’s Tear31290Serene Shores
Slapstick Crescent215120Serene Shores
Fire-Breathing Feast220170Sun-Speckled Terrace

Winter Reserve Series

NameCountWeightSparklium ValueLocation
Merciless Extractor17110Doppelganger’s Den
Citrus Lump4760Secluded Courtyard
Face Wrinkler3760Serene Shores
Pocked Airhead21290Doppelganger’s Den
Insect Condo21290Engulfed Castle

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