All Bolt Cutters Locations: Alan Wake 2

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All Bolt Cutters Locations in Alan Wake 2

Here is the location of all bolt cutters in Alan Wake 2.

From investigating several crime scenes to solving mysterious puzzles, surviving is essential no matter what comes your way in Alan Wake 2. This intense horror thriller will always occupy you with the various content in the games. As you explore the world, you will find a lot of resources and collectibles in the game. These will help you out in combat as well as in the story missions. But not all the resources will be available to you.

Sometimes you need to do certain tasks or go to certain areas to have access to some items. Bolt cutters are one of those items that you will get too much of later. Bolt cutters will help you open many locked doors in the game.

To get your hands on the bolt cutters, you need to play till Chapter 5: Old Gods. There, you need to find Tor Anderson in the Valhalla Nursing Home. But to unlock it, you may need to follow some steps. In this article, we will guide you to unlock the bolt cutters.

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All Bolt Cutters Locations in Alan Wake 2

All Bolt Cutters Locations in Alan Wake 2
Credits: Remedy Entertainment

You will reach an abandoned old house when you go into the overlap. Explore the area and go in loops till you reach a room with a generator. Turn on the generator and pull the lever outside of the room. After that, you will go in a loop a couple of times till you reach the room upstairs.

All Bolt Cutters Locations in Alan Wake 2 (1)
Credits: Remedy Entertainment

You will find a switch here. Next to the switch, there is a tool cabinet with bolt cutter. However, you to need get the tool cabinet key to get the bolt cutter. To get the key, flip the switch and a room will appear. Get into the room then flip the switch inside the room to reveal a desk with the tool cabinet key in it. Now, return to the previous room and flip the switch again, and reveal the tool cabinet. Now, use the key to open the cabinet. The bolt cutters are all yours!

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