All Ardashir’s Soldier Locations in Prince of Persia (PoP): The Lost Crown

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Credits: Ubisoft

Want to finish off all the Ardashir’s soldiers in PoP: The Lost Crown? Then this guide will help you to find the locations for all 8 of them.

The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown introduces a new system in the classic Prince of Persia genre. While there have been quite a few changes regarding the movement, combat, and overall output of the mechanics. One thing that remained the same was the side quests.

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Here, along with the main quest, you will have access to multiple side quests, which will provide exceptional rewards. Arguably, the most sought-after side quest is the Lost Soldiers.

In this quest, you will have to find and defeat all 8 of Ardashir’s Soldiers to obtain power rewards. You also complete the achievement of Lost Soldiers by completing the quest.  

But finding all 8 soldiers can be a bit difficult, especially if you want to complete them as fast as possible. That’s why in this guide, I will provide the location details of all 8 Ardashir’s Soldiers so you can get a head start in the quest!

All Ardashir’s Soldier Locations

Here are the locations of all the Ardashir’s Soldiers you will need to find to complete the Lost Soldiers quest:

Soldier 1

Ardashir’s Soldier Location 1
Credits: Ubisoft

The first location of the Ardashir’s Soldier is in the Hycanian Forest. Just go through the cave door in the marked area, and you will encounter him.

Soldier 2

Ardashir’s Soldier Location 2
Credits: Ubisoft

The second Ardashir’s Soldier will be found in the depts. You must go through a little trapped area before encountering him.

Soldier 3

Ardashir’s Soldier Location 3
Credits: Ubisoft

For the next soldier, you will also be searching in depth, but now in the sewers. Follow the location on the map, and you will encounter him.

Soldier 4

Ardashir’s Soldier Location 4
Credits: Ubisoft

The 4th Ardashir’s Soldier is found in the Old Royal Road. Be careful of his lightning attacks as you engage him.

Soldier 5

Ardashir’s Soldier Location 5
Credits: Ubisoft

Now you will move on to the Tower of Silence, where you will find the 5th soldier. You will have to cover a long distance and multiple puzzles before you reach him.

Soldier 6

Ardashir’s Soldier Location 6
Credits: Ubisoft

The next Ardashir’s Soldier is in the Pit of Eternal Sands he is at the end of the stage so it’ll be quiet for you to miss him.

Soldier 7

Ardashir’s Soldier Location 7
Credits: Ubisoft

You will have to visit the Sacred Archives for the 7th Ardashir’s Soldier. Unlike others, he will be a sword wielder and also have an annoying pet that will hit you with projectiles.

Soldier 8

Ardashir’s Soldier Location 8
Credits: Ubisoft

The final Ardashir Soldier is located in the upper city. He is a flame great sword user with a lion pet. Therefore, you will have to engage with both of them to win.

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