All Arcane Characters Height Officially Revealed

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot recently officially revealed the height of all the Arcane characters.

Arcane is one of the most popular and successful shows that Netflix has ever produced. Being a surprise hit of 2021, it garnered a massive fanbase.

Since Arcane has an amazing cast of characters, breathtaking visuals, and fantastic music and sound effects, it’s no wonder why Arcane boasts a perfect 100% critics score and an astounding 96% audience score.

Since Arcane season 2 is on the horizon, the fans started asking some questions about their beloved characters. They want to know more about their favorite characters so that they can enjoy the show even more.

A couple of days ago, The official Arcane tweeter page posted a tweet about the detailed heights of all the Arcane characters. And this detailed list graph shook up some preconceptions the fans had about the characters.

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All Arcane Characters Height

  • Jinx/Powder: 160 cm/5.2 feet
  • Vi: 170 cm/5.6 feet
  • Caitlyn: 185 cm/6 feet
  • Viktor: 172 cm/5.6 feet
  • Jayce: 188 cm/6.1 feet
  • Vander: 202 cm/6.6 feet
  • Silco: 182 cm/5.9 feet
  • Mel: 172 cm/5.6 feet
  • Heimerdinger: 90 cm/3 feet (Including Fluff)
  • Ekko: 168 cm/5.5 feet
  • Sevika: 185 cm/6 feet

From the official Arcane’s tweet, we can see that Vander is the tallest Arcane character who is over 202 cm or 6.6 feet, while Jayce is the second tallest character who is over 188cm or 6.1 feet. And officially, the tallest female character in Arcane is Caitlyn, who is over 185 cm or 6 feet tall. She is almost as tall as Jayce in that regard.

While most of them are confirmed, Ekko’s and Savika’s heights are still not confirmed officially by Arcane. Ekko and Savika’s heights from the initial production were confirmed by Riot Praeco, the showrunner for the Arcane creative team. So we can safely assume that they are taller than what’s written in Spideraxe’s tweet.

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