Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – All Civilizations

A detailed explanation of all the playable Civilizations in the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition features a lot of Civilizations from different eras of humanity. The game manages to represent these ancient and glorious Civilizations accurately. It is showcased in their buildings, special abilities, behavior, tradition, and culture, ingrained perfectly with their gameplay approach.

Since the game is about taking a Civilization from the literal stone age to a powerful empire of the post-classical period, each Civilization has its special bonuses, technologies, and features that make this experience unique. Hence, every playthrough with every one of these factions is different. You must balance out the pros and cons to ensure your community thrives.

Age of Empires II All Civilizations
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Furthermore, the single-player campaign also tells the history of the world through the rise and fall of different powerful Civilizations with great historical accuracy. You learn both about these communities and their influence on the medieval world.

Since Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition comprises 42 Civilizations, including all DLCs, it’s hard to pick one since they have such great distinction. Hence this guide outlines all the Civilizations in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition so that you can look them up easily and make a choice, especially the newcomers from Xbox consoles.

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Civilizations in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition


  • Focus Units: Infantry, Monk
  • Unique Unit: Jaguar Warrior
  • Unique Technologies: Atlatl (Skirmisher +1 Attack, +1 Range), Garland Wars (Infantry +4 Attack)
  • Wonder: Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan
  • Bonus:
    • Scout Cavalry are Eagle Scout
    • The carrying capacity of Villagers increased by 3
    • Military Units’ creation time increased by 11%
    • Monks gain 5HP for every research on Monastery
    • Begin game with 50 Gold
    • Team: Relics generate 33% Gold


  • Focus Units: Elephant, Naval
  • Unique Unit: Ratha
  • Unique Technologies: Paiks (Rathas and Elephant Attack increased by 20%), Mahayana (Villager takes 10% less population space)
  • Wonder: Somapura Mahavihara
  • Bonus:
    • Elephant Units take 25% less damage and are less likely to be converted by enemy monks/priests.
    • 2 Villagers created for every new Age.
    • Ship health increases by 15HP/ minute.
    • Monk has +3 Armor.
    • Team: Trade units bring in 10% more food and gold.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry, Naval
  • Unique Unit: Camel Archer, Genitour
  • Unique Technologies: Kasbah (Team Castles work 25% quicker), Maghrebi Camels (Camel Units recover 15 HP per minute)
  • Wonder: Hassan Tower
  • Bonus:
    • Villagers move 10% quicker.
    • Stable units are 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.
    • Ships move 10% quicker.
    • Team: Access to Genitours at the Archery Range starting in the Castle Age


  • Focus Units: Gunpowder, Monk
  • Unique Unit: Hussite Wagon, Houfnice
  • Unique Technologies: Wagenburg Tactics (Gunpowder units move 15% quicker), Hussite Reforms (Monks and Monastery upgrades have their gold cost replaced by food)
  • Wonder: Powder Tower of Prague
  • Bonus:
    • Blacksmiths and Universities cost -100 wood.
    • Chemistry and Hand Cannoneer is available in the Castle Age.
    • Spearman line has a +25% bonus Attack.
    • Fervor and Sanctity affect Villagers.
    • Mining Camp technologies free
    • Team: Markets work 80% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Foot Archer
  • Unique Unit: Longbowman
  • Unique Technologies: Yeomen (+1 Range for Foot Archers and +2 Attack for Towers), Warwolf (Trebuchets gain Blast Damage)
  • Wonder: Chichester Cathedral
    • Bonus:
    • Town Centers cost -50% wood starting in the Castle Age.
    • Foot archers (except Skirmishers) have a +1/+2 range in the Castle/Imperial Age.
    • Shepherds work 25% quicker.
    • Team: Archery Ranges work 20% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Infantry and Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: Konnik
  • Unique Technologies: Stirrups (Cavalry Attack 33% faster), Bagains (Two-Handed Swordsmen gain +5 Melee Armor)
  • Wonder: Preslav Round Church
  • Bonus:
    • Militia-line upgrades are free.
    • Town Centers cost -50% stone.
    • Can build Krepost starting in the Castle Age.
    • Blacksmith and Siege Workshop upgrade cost -50% food.
    • Team: Blacksmiths work 80% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: Coustillier, Flemish Militia
  • Unique Technologies: Burgundian Vineyards (Farmers generate 0.166 gold per second), Flemish Revolution (Replaces all existing Villagers with Flemish Militia, enables Flemish Militia at the Town Center)
  • Wonder: Brussels Town Hall
  • Bonus:
    • Economic upgrades are available one Age earlier than other civilizations and cost -40% food.
    • Stable technologies are 50% cheaper.
    • Cavalier upgrade available in the Castle Age.
    • Gunpowder units have a +25% Attack.
    • Team: Relics +30 food per minute.


  • Focus Units: Monk, Elephant
  • Unique Unit: Arambai
  • Unique Technologies: Howdah (Battle Elephants +1/+1 Armor), Manipur Cavalry (Cavalry +5 Attack against Archers)
  • Wonder: Shwezigon Pagoda
  • Bonus:
    • Lumber Camp technologies are free.
    • Infantry units have +1/+2/+3 Attack in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
    • Battle Elephants have +1/+1 Armor.
    • Monastery technologies are 50% cheaper.
    • Team: Relics are visible on the map from the game start.


  • Focus Units: Defensive Structure
  • Unique Unit: Cataphract
  • Unique Technologies: Greek Fire (Fire Ships gain +1 Range), Logistica (Cataphracts deal Trample Damage and +6 Attack against Infantry)
  • Wonder: Hagia Sophia
  • Bonus:
    • Buildings have +10%/+20%/+30%/+40% HP in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
    • Camel Riders, Skirmishers, and the Spearman lines are 25% cheaper.
    • Fire Ships attack 25% quicker.
    • Advancing to the Imperial Age is 33% cheaper.
    • Town Watch and Town Patrol are free.
    • Team: Monks heal 100% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Infantry, Siege
  • Unique Unit: Woad Raider
  • Unique Technologies: Stronghold (Castles and Towers fire 25% quicker), Furor Celtica (Siege Workshop units have +40% HP)
  • Wonder: Rock of Cashel
  • Bonus:
    • Infantry units move 15% quicker starting in the Feudal Age.
    • Lumberjacks work 15% quicker.
    • Siege weapons fire 25% quicker.
    • Enemy herdables can be converted regardless of the enemy units next to them.
    • Team: Siege Workshops work 20% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Archer
  • Unique Unit: Chu Ko Nu
  • Unique Technologies: Great Wall (Walls and Towers +30% HP), Rocketry (Chu Ko Nu +2, Scorpions gain +4 Attack)
  • Wonder: Temple of Heaven
  • Bonus:
    • Start the game with three extra Villagers, but with -200 Food, and -50 Wood.
    • Town Centers supports ten population (instead of five) and have a +5 Line of Sight.
    • Technologies are 10%/15%/20% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
    • Demolition Ships have +50% HP.
    • Team: Farms start with +10% Food.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: Kipchak
  • Unique Technologies: Steppe Husbandry (Scout Cavalry, Steppe Lancer, Cavalry Archer lines are trained 100% quicker), Cuman Mercenaries (team members can create 5 free Elite Kipchaks per Castle)
  • Wonder: Sarkel Fortress (ruined)
  • Bonus:
    • One more Town Center can be built in the Feudal Age.
    • Archery Ranges and Stables cost 100 Wood.
    • Siege Workshop and Battering Ram are available in Feudal Age; Capped Ram upgrade is available in Castle Age.
    • Mounted units move 5%/10%/15% faster in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Team: Palisade Walls have +33% HP.


  • Focus Units: Infantry, Naval
  • Unique Unit: Urumi Swordsman, Thirisadai
  • Unique Technologies: Medical Corps (Elephants regenerate 20 HP per minute), Wootz Steel (Infantry and Cavalry attacks ignore armor)
  • Wonder: Brihadisvara Temple
  • Bonus:
    • Receive 200 wood when advancing to the next Age.
    • Fishermen and Fishing Ships carry +15.
    • Barracks technologies cost -50%.
    • Skirmishers and Elephant Archers Attack 25% faster.
    • Team: Docks provide +5 population space.


  • Focus Units: Archer
  • Unique Unit: Shotel Warrior
  • Unique Technologies: Royal Heirs (Halves Shotel Warrior training time), Torsion Engines (Siege Workshop units’ Blast Radius is increased)
  • Wonder: Biete Amanuel
  • Bonus:
    • The Archer line fires 18% quicker.
    • Receive +100 Food, and +100 Gold whenever a new Age is reached.
    • The Pikeman upgrade is free.
    • Team bonus: Towers and Outposts have +3 Line of Sight.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: Throwing Axeman
  • Unique Technologies: Bearded Axe (Throwing Axeman gain +1 Range), Chivalry (Stables work 40% quicker)
  • Wonder: St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Bonus:
    • Mill upgrades are free.
    • Castles are 25% cheaper.
    • Mounted units have +20% HP starting in the Feudal Age.
    • Foragers work 15% quicker.
    • Team: Knights have +2 Line of Sight.


  • Focus Units: Infantry
  • Unique Unit: Huskarl
  • Unique Technologies: Anarchy (Huskarls can be created at Barracks), Perfusion (Barracks work 100% faster)
  • Wonder: Mausoleum of Theoderic I
  • Bonus:
  • Infantry units are 20%/25%/30%/35% cheaper in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
  • Infantry units have +1/+2/+3 attack bonuses against standard buildings in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
  • Hunters have +5 Attacks against aggressive Huntables and carry +15.
  • +10 population cap in the Imperial Age.
  • Loom can be researched instantly.
  • Team: Barracks work 20% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry, Camel
  • Unique Unit: Chakram Thrower, Shrivamsha Rider, Camel Scout
  • Unique Technologies: Kshatriyas (Military units cost -25% Food), Frontier Guards (Camel Rider and Elephant Archer lines gain +4 Melee Armor)
  • Wonder: Somnath Temple
  • Bonus:
    • Start the game with a Camel Scout.
    • Starts with +2 Forage Bushes.
    • Can garrison Mills with Livestock to produce food.
    • Mounted units have +20%/+30%/+40% bonus attacks in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Ages respectively.
    • Can garrison Docks with Fishing Ships.
    • Team: Camel and Elephant units are created 25% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Camel, Gunpowder
  • Unique Unit: Ghulam, Imperial Camel Rider
  • Unique Technologies: Grand Trunk Road (All Gold Production is +10% faster), Shatagni (Hand Cannoneers gain +2 Range)
  • Wonder: Maqbara-i Humayun
  • Bonus:
    • Villagers are 10%/15%/20%/25% cheaper in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Camel Rider line attacks 20% quicker.
    • Gunpowder Units have +1/+1 Armor.
    • Can build Caravanserai in Imperial Age.
    • Team: Camel and Light cavalry units have +2 attacks vs. standard buildings.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: Tarkan
  • Unique Technologies: Marauders (Create Tarkans at Stables), Atheism (+100 Years for Relic/Wonder victories; enemy Relics produce -50% gold)
  • Wonder: Arch of Constantine (ruined)
  • Bonus:
    • Start the game with the population cap at the maximum, but with -100 Wood.
    • Cavalry Archers are 10%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Trebuchets have +35% Accuracy against units.
    • Team: Stables work 20% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Infantry
  • Unique Unit: Kamayuk, Slinger
  • Unique Technologies: Andean Sling (Slingers and Skirmishers have no minimum range), Fabric Shields (Kamayuks, Slingers, and Eagle Warriors +1/+2 Armor)
  • Wonder: The Temple of the Sun at Macchu Picchu
  • Bonus:
    • Start the game with an Eagle Scout.
    • Start with a free Llama.
    • Villagers benefit from Blacksmith infantry upgrades starting in the Castle Age.
    • Houses support 10 population.
    • Buildings cost -15% stone.
    • Team: Spearmen and Skirmishers have +2 Line of Sight.


  • Focus Units: Archers, Navy
  • Unique Unit: Genoese Crossbowman, Condottiero
  • Unique Technologies: Pavise (Foot Archers (except Skirmishers) and Condottieri +1/+1 Armor), Silk Road (Trade Units cost -50%)
  • Wonder: Genoa Cathedral, Cathedral of St. Lawrence
  • Bonus:
    • Advancing to the next Age is 15% cheaper.
    • Dock and University technologies are 33% cheaper.
    • Fishing Ships are 15% cheaper.
    • Gunpowder units are 20% cheaper.
    • Team: Condottieri is available at the Barracks in the Imperial Age.


  • Focus Units: Infantry
  • Unique Unit: Samurai
  • Unique Technologies: Yasama (Towers fire extra arrows), Kataparuto (Trebuchets fire and pack faster)
  • Wonder: Tōdai-ji
  • Bonus:
    • Fishing Ships have double HP, +2 pierce armor, and work 5%/10%/15%/20% faster in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Mills, Lumber Camps and Mining Camps are 50% cheaper.
    • Infantry units Attack 33% faster starting in the Feudal Age.
    • Team: Galleys have a +50% longer Line of Sight.


  • Focus Units: Siege, Elephant
  • Unique Unit: Ballista Elephant
  • Unique Technologies: Tusk Swords (Battle Elephants +3 Attack), Double Crossbow (Ballista Elephants and Scorpions shoot two projectiles)
  • Wonder: Angkor Wat
  • Bonus:
    • No buildings are required to construct other buildings or advance in Age.
    • Battle Elephants move 10% faster.
    • Farmers drop off food continuously in the stockpile.
    • Villagers and Kings can garrison in Houses.
    • Team: Scorpions +1 Range.


  • Focus Units: Defensive Structures, Naval
  • Unique Unit: War Wagon, Turtle Ship
  • Unique Technologies: Eupseong (Guard Towers and Keeps +2 Range), Shinkichon (+1 Range for Mangonel-line)
  • Wonder: Hwangnyong Temple
  • Bonus:
    • Villagers have +3 Line of Sight.
    • Stone Miners work 20% quicker.
    • Tower upgrades are free (Bombard Tower requires Chemistry).
    • Archer armor upgrades are free.
    • Military units (except siege weapons) cost -20% Wood.
    • Team: Mangonel minimum range lesser


  • Focus Units: Cavalry, Monk
  • Unique Unit: Leitis
  • Unique Technologies: Hill Forts (Town Centers gain +3 Range), Tower Shields (Spearman line and Skirmishers gain +2 Pierce Armor)
  • Wonder: Trakai Island Castle
  • Bonus:
    • Start with +150 Food.
    • Spearman-line and Skirmishers move 10% quicker.
    • Each garrisoned Relic gives +1 Attack to Knights and Leitis (Maximum +4).
    • Team: Monastery works 20% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: Magyar Huszar
  • Unique Technologies: Corvinian Army (Magyar Huszars cost no gold), Recurve Bow (Cavalry Archers gain + 1 Range and Attack)
  • Wonder: Hunyad Castle
  • Bonus:
  • Forging, Iron Casting, and Blast Furnace are free.
  • The Scout Cavalry line is 15% cheaper.
  • Villagers kill wild animals in one strike.
  • Team: Foot archers (except Skirmishers) have +2 Line of Sight.


  • Focus Units: Naval
  • Unique Unit: Karambit Warrior
  • Unique Technologies: Thalassocracy (Upgrades Docks to Harbors, which shoot arrows), Forced Levy (Turns Militia line Gold cost to Food cost)
  • Wonder: Kalasan Temple
  • Bonus:
    • Advancing in Age is 66% quicker.
    • Fish Traps are 33% cheaper.
    • Fish Traps provide 3 times Food.
    • Battle Elephants are 30%/40% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Team: Docks have double Line of Sight.


  • Focus Units: Infantry
  • Unique Unit: Gbeto
  • Unique Technologies: Tigui (Town Centers fire +5 Arrows always), Farimba (Cavalry gain +5 Attack)
  • Wonder: Great Mosque of Djenné
  • Bonus:
    • Buildings (except Farms) cost -15% Wood.
    • Barracks units have +1/+2/+3 Pierce Armor in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Gold Mines last 30% longer.
    • Team: Universities work 80% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Archer
  • Unique Unit: Plumed Archer
  • Unique Technologies: Hul’che Javelineers (Skirmishers throw a second Projectile), El Dorado (+40 HP for Eagle Warriors)
  • Wonder: Tikal Temple I
  • Bonus:
    • Start the game with an Eagle Scout.
    • Start the game with +1 Villager, but with -50 Food.
    • Resources last 15% longer.
    • Foot archers (except Skirmishers) are 10%/20%/30% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Team: Walls are 50% cheaper.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry Archers
  • Unique Unit: Mangudai
  • Unique Technologies: Nomads (Houses retain Population when destroyed), Drill (Siege Workshop units move 50% quicker)
  • Wonder: Great Tent of Genghis Khan
  • Bonus:
    • Cavalry archers fire 25% quicker.
    • Light Cavalry, Hussars, and Steppe Lancers have +30% HP.
    • Hunters work 40% quicker.
    • Team: Scout Cavalry line has +2 Line of Sight.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: War Elephant
  • Unique Technologies: Kamandaran (Turns Archer-line Gold cost into Wood cost), Mahouts (War Elephants move 30% quicker)
  • Wonder: Taq Kasra
  • Bonus:
    • Start the game with +50 Food, and +50 Wood.
    • Town Centers and Docks have double HP.
    • Town Centers and Docks work 10%/15%/20% quicker in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Team: Knight-line has a +2 Attack against archers.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: Obuch
  • Unique Technologies: Szlachta Privileges (Knight line costs -60% Gold), Lechitic Legacy (Scout Cavalry line deals Trample Damage)
  • Wonder: Wawel Cathedral
  • Bonus:
    • Villagers regenerate 5/10/15/20 HP per minute in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Mill upgraded to Folwark.
    • Stone Miners generate 0.33 Gold per Stone.
    • Team: Scout Cavalry line has +1 Attack vs. Archers.


  • Focus Units: Naval, Gunpowder
  • Unique Unit: Carrack (Ships +1/+1 Armor)
  • Unique Technologies: Arquebus (Gunpowder units fire more accurately at moving targets)
  • Wonder: Belém Tower
  • Bonus:
    • All units cost -20% gold.
    • Ships have +10% HP.
    • Foragers generate 0.33 Wood per Food.
    • Can build Feitoria in the Imperial Age.
    • Team: Technologies (excluding Age ups) are researched 25% quicker.


  • Focus Units: Camel, Naval
  • Unique Unit: Mameluke
  • Unique Technologies: Zealotry (Camel Riders and Mamelukes gain +20 HP), Counterweights (Trebuchets and Mangonel-line gain +15% Attack)
  • Wonder: Great Mosque of Samarra
  • Bonus:
    • The Commodity Trading Fee is 5%.
    • Markets cost 75 Wood.
    • Transport Ships have double HP and +5 carry capacity.
    • Galleys attack 25% quicker.
    • Camel Rider line +10 hit points.
    • Team: Foot archers have a +3 Attack against standard Buildings.


  • Focus Units: Infantry and Cavalry
  • Unique Unit: Serjeant
  • Unique Technologies: First Crusade (Each Town Center (max 5) spawns a one-time group of 7 Serjeants; Units are more resistant to Conversion), Hauberk (Knight-line gain +1/+2 Armor)
  • Wonder: Monreale Cathedral
  • Bonus:
    • Start with +100 stone.
    • Castles and Town Centers are constructed 100% quicker.
    • Infantry, Archers, and Cavalry resist 33% bonus Damage.
    • Mill upgrades provide +100% food to Farms.
    • Can build Donjons since the Feudal Age.
    • Team: Transport Ships have +5 Line of Sight and Cost -50%.


  • Focus Units: Infantry, Siege
  • Unique Unit: Boyar
  • Unique Technologies: Detinets (Replaces 40% of Stone cost of Castle and Tower with Wood), Druzhina (Infantry units damage adjacent units)
  • Wonder: Kizhi Pogost
  • Bonus:
    • Farmers work 10% quicker.
    • Supplies are free.
    • Siege Workshop units are 15% cheaper.
    • Team: Barracks, Archery Ranges, Stables, and Siege workshops provide +5 Population.


  • Focus Units: Gunpowder, Monk
  • Unique Unit: Conquistador, Missionary
  • Unique Technologies: Inquisition (Conversion Rate improved), Supremacy (Villagers gain +40 HP, +6 attack, +2/+2 armor)
  • Wonder: Torre del Oro
  • Bonus:
    • Builders work 30% quicker (20% for Wonders).
    • Blacksmith upgrades cost no Gold.
    • Cannon Galleon projectiles move faster and track moving targets.
    • Gunpowder units fire 18% quicker.
    • Team: Trade units generate +25% Gold.


  • Focus Units: Cavalry Archer
  • Unique Unit: Keshik, Flaming Camel
  • Unique Technologies: Silk Armor (Scout Cavalry line, Steppe Lancers and Mounted Archers have +1/+1 armor), Timurid Siegecraft (Trebuchets gain +2 Range, enables Flaming Camels at the Castle)
  • Wonder: Ulugh Beg Observatory
  • Bonus:
    • Herdables contain approximately +50% Food.
    • New Town Centers spawn two Sheep starting in the Castle Age.
    • Units do +50% damage when attacking from higher elevations, instead of +25%.
    • Thumb Ring is free.
    • Parthian Tactics is free.
    • Team: Mounted archers +2 Line of Sight.


  • Focus Units: Infantry
  • Unique Unit: Teutonic Knight
  • Unique Technologies: Ironclad (Siege Weapons gain +4 Melee Armor), Crenellations (Castles gain +3 Range; Garrisoned Infantry fires Arrows)
  • Wonder: Maria Laach Abbey
  • Bonus:
    • Monks have a double Healing Range.
    • Towers can garrison +5 Units and can fire +4 Arrows.
    • Town Centers can garrison +10 Units and can fire +5 arrows.
    • Murder Holes and Herbal Medicine are free.
    • Farms are 40% cheaper.
    • Barracks and Stable units receive +1/+2 Melee Armor in the Castle/Imperial Age respectively.
    • Team: Units resist Conversion.


  • Focus Units: Gunpowder
  • Unique Unit: Janissary
  • Unique Technologies: Sipahi (Mounted archers units gain +20 HP), Artillery (+2 Range for Bombard Towers, Bombard Cannons, Cannon Galleons)
  • Wonder: Selimiye Mosque
  • Bonus:
    • Gunpowder units have +25% HP.
    • Gunpowder technologies are 50% cheaper.
    • Chemistry is free.
    • Gold Miners work 20% quicker
    • Light Cavalry and Hussar upgrades are free.
    • Scout Cavalry line gain +1 pierce armor.
    • Team: Gunpowder units are created 25% quicker


  • Focus Units: Archer
  • Unique Unit: Rattan Archer, Imperial Skirmisher
  • Unique Technologies: Chatras (Battle Elephants gain +100 HP), Paper Money (Lumberjacks generate 0.0385 Gold per Wood)
  • Wonder: Bút Tháp
  • Bonus:
    • Reveal enemy positions at the start.
    • Economic upgrades cost no wood.
    • Archery Range units have +20% HP.
    • Conscription is free.
    • Team: Imperial Skirmisher upgrade is available at the Archery Range in Imperial Age (requires Elite Skirmisher).


  • Focus Units: Infantry, Naval
  • Unique Unit: Berserk, Longboat
  • Unique Technologies: Chieftains (Infantry units get Attack bonus against Cavalry and Camel units), Berserkergang (Berserks regenerate 100% faster)
  • Wonder: Borgund Stave Church
  • Bonus:
    • Wheelbarrow, Hand Cart upgrades are free.
    • Warships cost -15%/-15%/-20% in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
    • Infantry units have +20% HP starting in the Feudal Age.
    • Team: Docks are 15% cheaper.

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