Adriana Chechik Banned from Twitch for Seductively Eating Popsicle

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Adriana Chechik Twitch/ Strike - Twitch YouTube

Twitch streamer and Adult Porn Star Adriana Chechik was banned from Twitch.

Adriana Chechik first started streaming on Twitch back in August of 2019. Since then she has amassed more than 380,000 followers on the biggest streaming platform. She usually streams IRL content and sometimes plays games like Jedi Fallen Order, Call of Duty: Warzone, Returnal, Ori and The Blind Forest, Cuphead, etc.

Recently she also took part in the Twitch hot tub meta by streaming in a hot tub almost regularly. During streams Adriana is sometimes seen eating popsicles but her recent popsicle eating session got her banned from Twitch.

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Adriana Chechik Banned:

A Twitter bot that keeps track of streamer bans and unbans recently published the news of Adriana’s ban. Adriana Chechik was banned from Twitch on June 2, 2021.

This is her 2nd ban on Twitch. The last time she got banned was on Dec 11th, 2020. Her recent Twitch ban is not permanent as her account is still partnered.

Adriana Chechik Partnership status
Adriana Chechik Partnership status Credit: Twitter

Possible Reason for the Ban:

Twitch has yet to release any official reason for the ban. But there has been speculation going around that Adriana got banned after her last stream for seductively eating a popsicle.

During the stream, Adriana was drinking, singing, dancing, and eating a popsicle. At one point she became too familiar with the popsicle which seems to be the most probable cause for her recent Twitch ban.

YouTube video

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