Minecraft YouTuber Dream Admits to Cheating During his 1.16 Speedrun

After more than 6 months Dream has come out and admitted to cheating during his world record speedrun of Minecraft 1.6.

Dream is well known in the Minecraft community for his exceptional skill at the game. He has several Minecraft speed runs listed on speedrun.com. But back in December of 2020, Minecraft speedrunning team accused Dream of cheating during his 1.16 speed run.

The team found that the drop rate of some items were “substantially greater” than normal during Dream’s speed run attempts. But Dream at the time denied all these accusations. Then the mod team released a 29-page detailed analysis paper and proved with mathematical equations that the “drop rate was unusually high”.

Dream later claimed to have hired a Harvard Astrophysicist to prove his innocence. Then some more drama occurred when the Speedrun Team asked Dream for his Mod Folder but Dream claimed to have accidentally deleted it. All this was nearly 6 months ago and most people had already forgotten about all this.

Until recently Dream decided to come out and admit to the cheating allegations made against him.

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Dream Admits to Cheating Allegtions:

Recently Dream released a lengthy statement on Pastebin where he discussed the whole situation. He made a tweet on his official Twitter account where he linked the explanation.

The Tweet and the Pastebin link are both gone as of writing this article. Dream had this to say about the removal of the Tweet and the link.

Dream Pastebin Overview:

A Reddit user called magosnox had already saved the Pastebin writing on his Google document. Here is a brief overview of the detailed Pastebin that Dream posted.

In the Introduction Dream talks about all his past drama related to the 1.16 speed run. He apparently doesn’t like math and was in complete fear upon seeing the Speedrun team proving his cheating allegations with equations.

“Later that month, the speedrun team released a video and a document detailing why my 1.16 runs couldn’t have been legitimate based on math and statistics. I admittedly don’t know shit about math and statistics, I didn’t go to college and I hated math my whole life.”

Later someone gave Dream the idea to hire a professional statistician which he ended up doing. “someone gave me the idea to hire a professional statistician because I know nothing about math.”

He then admits to using disallowed mods during his Livestreams, ” I ended up finding out that I HAD actually been using a disallowed modification during ~6 of my live streams on Twitch.”

Apparently, he had a mod installed that enabled a higher drop rate of Blaze Rods, Ender Pearls. Also, Ender’s eyes had a low chance of breaking when thrown. All these mods were apparently installed for making YouTube videos easier and not intended for the speedrun.

In the end part of the document, Dream Apologized for his actions and said that he doesn’t want any further drama ” I’m sorry to anyone that I let down or disappointed.”

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