AC Mirage: Top Combat and Stealth Tips To Elevate Your Game

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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In AC Mirage, there are some top tips for combat and stealth that you need to know. Here are a few tips for combat and stealth.

You have to find your way around Baghdad in the 9th century in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. As Basim, you have to be sneaky to get into enemy bases and safeguard targets. Even though Basim can fight in open combat, it’s better for him to stay out of heated battles when he can.

Follow our tips on combat and stealth in AC Mirage if you want to get good at the game. These tips will help you, whether you like quiet takedowns or big-blade fights under the hot sun.

With our help, you’ll learn how to make the most of your surroundings and learn more difficult fighting moves. With these tips, you’ll look like a ghost on Baghdad’s narrow streets.

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Top Tips For Combat And Stealth In AC Mirage

10. Use Explosives Efficiently

Use Explosives Efficiently

You should keep an eye out for red explosive pots scattered around Baghdad’s streets and enemy compounds. These can be used both stealthily and in combat in clever ways:

  • Toss smaller pots at groups of enemies from a distance and detonate them with a throwing knife for a stealthy chain explosion.
  • You can carry pots near unsuspecting enemies, place them, then shoot them to lure guards to the noise and take them by surprise.
  • Hit larger stationary pots with a throwing knife when enemies walk near them to catch them in the blast radius.
  • In open combat, grab smaller pots and lob them directly at aggressive guards to inflict major damage.

Explosives can turn the odds in your favor, both silently and loudly. Take advantage of these environmental tools when infiltrating compounds and confronting enemies directly.

09. Destroy the alarm bell before combat

Destroy the alarm bell before combat

You should eliminate the alarm bell with a precise throwing knife toss before entering restricted zones. If guards sound the alarm during combat, endless waves of reinforcements will complicate the fight and risk Basim’s demise.

08. Study your surroundings before entering restricted areas

Study your surroundings before entering restricted areas

Make heavy use of Enkidu’s scouting abilities before infiltrating compounds. Tag all visible enemies, look for loose bricks in walls indicating climbable surfaces, collapsible structure and identify the alarm bell location. With intel in hand, you can formulate a plan of attack and watch patrol patterns to avoid detection.

07. Use smoke bombs to instantly end fights

Use smoke bombs to instantly end fights

When surrounded, quickly use a smoke bomb at Basim’s feet. You can temporarily immobilize all nearby foes for an easy hidden blade execution or escape. This overpowered tool can instantly turn the tide of any battle.

Break rope links above guards to crush them

Keep an eye out for breakable rope links holding up heavy loads like cargo crates. You can snipe these links from afar with a throwing knife to drop the cargo onto enemies below for a crafty indirect kill. This technique is great for thinning numbers before entering restricted areas.

05. Don’t fight while using Eagle Vision

Don't fight while using Eagle Vision

With Eagle Vision active, enemy attack warnings are obscured. You won’t see incoming strike colors to dodge or parry appropriately. Avoid combat when using Eagle Vision to prevent confusion.

04. Use merchant factions to infiltrate compounds

Use merchant factions to infiltrate compounds

Look for merchant icons outside hostile compounds and pay them for their distraction services. The merchant will then escort Basim right past patrolling guards using social stealth. It’s a more reliable infiltration method than hiring mercenaries or musicians.

03. Prioritize the hornbearers

Prioritize the hornbearers

You will see that certain guards have horns on their waists to call reinforcements when alerted. You should target them first in combat, or toss a throwing knife from afar to break their horn and prevent overwhelming numbers.

02. Invest in more tools early on

Invest in more tools early on

You must unlock sleep darts, smoke bombs, throwing knives, traps, and noisemakers as soon as possible from the skill tree. Sleep darts, in particular, allow you to silently put guards to sleep from a distance for an easy assassination. The full tool set gives you diverse options to approach missions creatively.

01. Master parrying enemy attacks

Master parrying enemy attacks

You will see that enemies glow right before attacking. You have to time your parry precisely, and get ready for a perfect counterattack opening. Since Basim is vulnerable in open combat, parrying gives you a strong defense to overcome numerous guards at once.

Bonus Tip – Pet the cats

Not a gameplay tip, but very important. Baghdad’s well-fed felines deserve some affection!

Pet the cats

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