What is the Correct Book Order to Open the Hidden Chamber in Assassin’s Creed Mirage?

Ashia Bente Rabbani
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The correct Book order to unlock Qabiha’s hidden chamber in AC Mirage can be a little hard to finish as the Quest Puzzle is written in Arabic. But don’t worry; we will show you the easiest way to find the correct order.

Explore 9th-century Baghdad as an Assassin of the Ancient Times in AC Mirage and uncover the hidden truths. The game is a compact combination of full-on action and adventure, keeping you wowed even after playing. Complete quests and missions to destroy the cruelty of Samarra and the Templar Order and establish peace in the cities.

After starting AC Mirage, you must complete some missions and quests to advance in the gameplay. One of the last Quest in the game is The Serpent’s Nest, where you will have to uncover the secret passage of Qabiha and defeat him finally to destroy the Templar Order. You, as Basim, must explore the Library of Qabiha to find the Books and complete the Book Puzzle to finish the Quest properly.

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The book order to Open the Hidden Chamber

To find the correct Book order in AC Mirage, you have to go through the steps properly. The steps to complete the Puzzle are;

Get all the Books First

After you have started the Serpent’s Nest Quest, you may get to Qabiha’s place, where you may find all four colored books;

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow

And as you roam around that area, you find four different symbols in another room of Qabiha. Collect the four symbols as joining the dots of the Puzzle, which is;

  • Rage in the Ocean, I’ll sweeten your storms.
  • Scorch as the Desert, I’ll bathe in your heat.
  • Strike as the Cobra, but plunge in my breast.
  • Soar as the Dove, but alight in my nest.

Now, you must join the symbols and four colored Books to make a meaningful answer. You must connect;

  1. Blue with Ocean
  2. Yellow with Desert
  3. Black with Cobra
  4. White with Dove

Now you have discovered the meaning of each, it is time to read the Puzzle again.

Place the Books in Alters

Get to the Library, where you may find the shelves to place the four Books correctly. After you have read the Puzzle poem once again, you may notice the poem is in Arabic, which means you cannot place the Books from Left to Right.

It would be best to place the books in the right order from Right to Left, as Arabic letters are written from Right to Left. The correct order to place the Books from Right to Left is;

  1. Start from the shelf on the right near the Stairs and place your Blue Book
  2. On the left, place the Yellow Book
  3. Then, the Black Book
  4. And lastly, on the far left, place the White Book.

After you have placed all these Books correctly on the shelves, a secret passage may open, and the Quest will be completed.

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