Assassin’s Creed Mirage Best Weapons: Everything You Need to Know

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Weapons are one of Assassin’s Creed’s fundamental elements. Here is some useful information regarding the best weapons in AC Mirage.

In AC Mirage, the bustling streets of 9th-century Baghdad are fraught with danger, but Basim has all the tools he needs to overcome any obstacle. There are lots of swords and daggers to be found in the city, each one lethal and different.

We’ve compiled a list of Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s best weapons, so you can master the art of assassination. If you’re fighting in open combat or striking from the shadows, equipping the right weapons can make a big difference.

With our guide, you’ll have the right tools for precise, surgical eliminations. We have divided the best weapons in AC Mirage into two sections. First, we will talk about the best daggers in AC Mirage, and then we will talk about the best swords in AC Mirage.

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Best Daggers in AC Mirage

Here are the top 5 best weapons (daggers) in AC Mirage:

5. Dagger of Time

Dagger of Time

You can only get this exotic dagger if you buy the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Deluxe Edition DLC. But for those who wield it, the Dagger of Time is an invaluable tool that can turn the tide of any battle.

Its unique power slows down time for 3 seconds after executing a perfect parry. When you’re in combat, these brief moments of altered time give you a perfect opportunity to counterattack. It’s pretty easy to land a perfect parry, so you’ll get to slow time down often.

Pair the Dagger of Time with its counterpart, the equally mythic Sand Sword, to maximize its capabilities. The Sand Sword heals Basim when killing an enemy during the Dagger’s time slowdown effect. Together, these legendary weapons allow you to control time itself and mend wounds simultaneously.

4. Hidden One Dagger

Hidden One Dagger

This distinctive dagger complements the Hidden One Sword, creating a lethal pair designed to spread silent death across Baghdad. You can find them both hidden within the secret caves of the northern Wilderness region.

The Hidden One Dagger’s Spread effect causes melee kills on poisoned enemies to create a poisonous cloud that damages nearby foes. When combined with its sibling blade’s venomous ability to inflict poison every 5th hit, you can rapidly spread poison between groups of enemies.

When you use these Hidden One weapons, make sure you use poison-tipped tools like throwing knives and blow darts. You can cause swift carnage by coating your enemies with poison before moving in for the kill.

3. Initiate of Alamut Dagger

Initiate of Alamut Dagger

This unassuming dagger is the first Basim receives early in his journey. Even as you progress, you can rely on the Initiate of Alamut Dagger’s straightforward Aggressive Defense ability.

After each successful parry, this dagger deals an additional 25 defense damage to the target’s stamina bar. Even though 25 seems small, the damage adds up fast when you counter aggressive enemies like spear-wielding guards.

You can maximize parrying abilities by pairing the Initiate of Alamut Dagger with its twin sword. Together, they allow you to shred enemies after every counterattack. This classic set remains effective and accessible long after you’ve moved beyond Basim’s initiation into the ranks of the Hidden Ones.

2. Abbasid Knight Dagger

Abbasid Knight Dagger

The Resilient perk makes this dagger useful in a lot of situations. When Basim’s health drops below 50%, it grants a 30% damage resistance bonus. You can get this blade in Abbasiyah’s Grand Bimaristan hospital complex.

On paper, this sounds helpful for close calls. In practice, however, Basim’s low health means 30% mitigation rarely saves you when you’re already close to death. You should consider using elixirs to heal rather than relying solely on Resilient.

Abbasid Knight Daggers are at their best when paired with its counterpart swords. They complement each other perfectly – the sword boosts damage at low health, while the dagger decreases it.

01. The Samsaama

The Samsaama

Do not let this ornate dagger’s unimpressive damage fool you – the Samsaama’s true strength lies in its Life Steal ability. You can get this dagger by collecting two mysterious shards, which are then spent to unlock the Samsaama in the secret chamber beneath the oasis.

Now, Basim’s health gets restored by 10% after every fifth successful strike with the Samsaama. Even though it’s slow to activate in normal combat, it’s great for prolonged attrition battles or when healing items are scarce.

You can use sleep darts to incapacitate lone enemies to maximize their life-restoring potential. Then, you need to land five uninterrupted attacks on your helpless target to trigger the healing. Your Samsaama will save you from wasting precious elixirs.

Best Swords in AC Mirage

Here are top 5 best weapons (Sword) in AC Mirage:

05. Sand Sword

Sand Sword

This Sand Sword is unlocked exclusively through the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Deluxe Edition. If you wield it, the Sand Sword will become an indispensable survival tool for you.

Its Healing Sand ability restores 20% of Basim’s health whenever he scores a kill, while time is slowed. Although situational, even small windows of altered time become opportunities to recover large chunks of health quickly and repeatedly.

It’s supposed to go with the Dagger of Time, which slows time after a perfect parry. When you combine these mythic weapons, you can bend time itself while mending your wounds.

04. Hidden One Sword

Hidden One Sword

This Hidden One Sword is one half of a lethal pair designed to quickly spread silent death across any battlefield. They’re both hidden in caves under the northern wilderness.

With the Hidden One Sword’s Venomous ability, every fifth strike poisons the target. Normally, the effect activates slowly, but when combined with the Hidden One Dagger, it’s deadly.

If you kill an enemy while poisoned with that dagger’s Spread effect, you’ll create a poison cloud around them. When you use these Hidden One weapons together, you can poison multiple foes at once.

03. Initiate of Alamut Sword

Initiate of Alamut Sword

It’s the first sword Basim acquires on his journey. Despite its humble appearance, the Sharpened Blade perk of the Initiate of Alamut Sword makes it a reliable companion.

You’ll deal 50% more damage with this sword after successfully parrying an enemy attack. If you are facing multiple enemies, parrying is an essential technique. Now, if you pair that with the damage boost, it becomes extremely useful.

After every parry, pair it with the matching Initiate of Alamut Dagger. You’ll be able to shred enemies with enhanced counterattacks. You should upgrade this classic set to stay formidable as the journey progresses.

02. Abbasid Knight Sword

Abbasid Knight Sword

With its On the Edge ability, this sword gives you a situational but significant damage boost. If Basim’s health drops below 50%, his light attacks get 30% stronger.

In desperate situations, it can turn the tide of battles. However, staying low on health is a bad idea. Instead of relying solely on bonus damage, you should use elixirs or other means to heal.

The Abbasid Knight Sword truly shines when paired with its matching dagger. They’ll allow you to deal more damage and take less damage when you’re barely hanging on. You can find this sinister sword in Abbasiyah’s House of Wisdom complex.

01. Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar

Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar

This fabled sword balances tremendous power with perilous fragility. You can get it by collecting three mysterious shards and redeeming them in the secret cavern.

Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar decreases Basim’s maximum health by 50% but increases all damage dealt by 50%. It makes every blow insanely deadly, but it is also impossible to make a mistake.

You need to prepare and plan to master this weapon. You have to scout areas well and eliminate enemies preemptively. Furthermore, you can isolate formidable foes with sleep darts or other tools. Always avoid being surrounded.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

As Basim stalks the streets and rooftops of 9th-century Baghdad, he will come across an array of expertly crafted swords and daggers during his adventures. However, a true master assassin knows even the deadliest blades can be further improved at a blacksmith’s forge. Follow these steps to upgrade the lethality of your weapons.

Upgrading Swords

Gather Upgrade Materials

The path to a superior sword first requires gathering the necessary upgrade materials. These include iron and leather, which can be found in chests scattered throughout Baghdad or looted from the bodies of fallen foes. You should stockpile as much as you can carry.

Upgrade Materials in AC Mirage

Obtain a Sword Upgrade Schematic

You’ll also need to track down the specific upgrade schematic for the sword you wish to improve, as each blade requires a unique blueprint. These valuable schematics are often discovered in gear chests or earned by completing contracts for Baghdad’s eclectic citizens.

Upgrade Schematic in AC Mirage

Visit the Blacksmith

With materials and a schematic in hand, make haste to a blacksmith, identifiable by their billowing forge. You have to turn over your items and coin to the smith, and they will use their skills to upgrade your weapon.

Blacksmith in AC Mirage

Upgrading Daggers

The process for improving your deadly daggers is much the same. Gather leather, iron, and the specific dagger upgrade schematic, then let the blacksmith work their magic.

We have mentioned the best weapons in AC Mirage and how you can upgrade them. With these deadly weapons in hand, none of those who stand against Basim will live to tell the tale. Baghdad’s streets will fall before your honed justice.

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