Location of All Dervis’s Artifacts in Assassin’s Creed Mirage (AC Mirage)

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Credit: Ubisoft

Locations and Rewards of all of Dervis’ Artifacts in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is the newest entry in Ubisoft’s long running action-adventure series. After the series new direction with its recent entries received polarizing reviews, Ubisoft looks to bring the series back to its roots with Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

The game promises a return to the type of gameplay that players fell in love with in the earlier entries of the series. This includes more stealth based gameplay, parkour, and relatively more linear story than the open world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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Furthermore, like previous entries in the series, there is a lot of side content and activities for you to go through in the city of Baghdad. This includes collectables for you to find, which can net you better gear, weapons, cosmetics, or just the satisfaction of completion.

Dervis’ Artifacts are just some of the treasures you can find in the city of Baghdad. On request from a merchant named Dervis, collection of all of these artifacts takes you on a journey to pickpocket wealthy citizens all over the map. Additionally, you can deliver these artifacts in bundles so you don’t have to painstakingly deliver them one by one. Furthermore, finding these artifacts and delivering them will get you upgrades for Basim’s equipments, as well as a substantial discount in Dervis’ shop,

This guide aims to tell you all you need to know about these artifacts, including their rewards, how to get them, and their locations.

Rewards for Dervis Artifacts

Dervis requests artifacts in sets of three. First three, then 6, and then 9, and so on until you collect all 18. As a reward, he gives you upgrade when you reach each amount, such as leather when you find 6. In total you can get 180 Leather and 180 Steel Ingots. Since upgrading your equipment is a key to being effective in combat and stealth, it’s worth your time and effort to track down these artifacts.

Additionally, collecting all 18 will net you the Treasure Hunter outfit.

How to Get All Dervis’s Artifacts in AC Mirage

Dervis’ artifacts can be found in all regions of the map, including the Wilderness. Although, they won’t appear on your map until you get close to a settlement. Additionally, you can check your to see how many artifacts you’ve found and how many are yet to be found in the current region.

The navigation bar will denote holders of the Artifacts with a golden hand icon. Several gold markers, to denote points of interest, show up on your map when you synchronize at a viewpoint. This will make it easier for you to find Artifact holders.

Approach the Artifact holder and pickpocket them. The pickpocket minigame is much harder with Artifact holders, as the quicktime event’s window is significantly shortened. So, it is recommended that you invest Pickpocket Master skill to make collecting these Artifacts substantially easier.

Dervis Artifacts Locations


Artifact #1: Scandinavian Brooch

Dervis’ Artifact #1: Scandinavian Brooch
Credit: Ubisoft

In the fields of Zubaidiyah. South of the Ditch Sluice of the Fief, carried by a man standing by the stall between the two buildings.

Artifact #2: Money Cowrie

Money Cowrie
Credit; Ubisoft

Located in Khuld, south of the bridge to Zubaidiyah. You can pickpocket it from a person shoveling hay.

Artifact #3: Aksumite Amulet

Aksumite Amulet
Credit: Ubisoft

Carried by a person stirring colors with a stick, outside the Dyeing Factory in Shari’.

Artifact #4: Buddhist Votive Plaque

Buddhist Votive Plaque
Credit: Ubisoft

You can find this one in South of Damascus Gate Prison, located in the Quadrangle of the Persians. An NPC standing in a yard will be carrying it.


Artifact #5: Small Chinese Box

Small Chinese Box
Credit: Ubisoft

Located in the Suburb of Kahtabah, northwest of The Four Markets. Carried by a woman walking around The Four Markets.

Artifact #6: Tang Censer

Tang Censer
Credit; Ubisoft

Located in Haylanah, southwest of the entrance of the Hammam. A guy working with bricks will be carrying it.

Artifact #7: Round Moon Plaque

Round Moon Plaque
Credit: Ubisoft

Pickpocketed from a woman standing by the river, north of the Hammam.

Artifact #8: Olibanum

Credit; Ubisoft

Located in Yasiriyah, southwest of the Scriptorium. Carried by an NPC who walks around east of The Great Bimaristan, (keep in mind that his exact location might change but he is always around this area).


Artifact #9: Ivory Chess Piece

Ivory Chess Piece
Credit; Ubisoft

Located in Tabik, an NPC walking around between the Monastery of the Virgins & the House of the Poulterers will be carrying it.

Artifact #10: Jade Comb

Jade Comb
Credit; Ubisoft

Located in Sharqiyah. Carried by an NPC in a market south of Harbor Camp.

Artifact #11: Glass Weight

Glass Weight
Credit; Ubisoft

Located in Tabik. Carried by an NPC working with carpets, in between the Cookmen’s Quarter and the Al Mi’dhana Al’-Ateeqa Viewpoint.

Artifact #12: Decorated Shell

Decorated Shell
Credit; Ubisoft

Located in Tabik, southwest of the Cookmen’s Quarter. Carried by NPC east of The Bazaar.

Round City

Artifact #13: Pyxis

Credit; Ubisoft

Located in Commanders’ District, carried by an NPC south-east of Shurta Headquarters.

Artifact #14: Coptic Censer

Coptic Censer
Credit; Ubisoft

Located in residential district, carried by an NPC south of the Harem.

Artifact #15: Sillan Christian Cross

Sillan Christian Cross
Credit; Ubisoft

In the Administrative District, carried by an NPC west of the Postal Bureau (is sometimes standing on a roof).


Artifact #16: Staurotheke

Credit; Ubisoft

In the north Wilderness, carried by an NPC south-west of the Winter Palace.

Artifact #17: Kissi Penny

Kissi Penny
Credit: Ubisoft

In the west of the wilderness, carried by an NPC standing in the desert, 150 meters east of the excavation site

Artifact #18: Byzantine Bracelet

Byzantine Bracelet
Credit; Ubisoft

In the south Wilderness, carried by an NPC in the village of Jarjaraya.

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