A weird glitch refills Rampart’s mobile turret ammo over time in Apex Legends

In the recent Evolution collection event update in Apex Legends, Respawn gave Rampart a massive rework.

Since players have been begging Respawn to give Rampart some sort of buff for a long time now, the devs at Respawn finally obliged and came up with a rework that literally made her a walking terminator.

To put it simply, Rampart was a defensive character as her whole kit used to revolve around locking an area down with her tactical cover as well as her ultimate ability called “Sheila” which is basically a turret.

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However, this turret was stationary and would only provide cover at around 180 degrees. Although that all changed with the new Evolution update. The new update finally gave her the ability to be mobile while using Sheila at the same time.

Unlimted Sheila Ammo Gltich

The only caveat was that the ammo amount was limited. But an Apex Legends content creator figured out a way to bypass this limitation. Turns out, if a player uses melee immediately after using the mobile turret’s ammo, then it starts to recharge over time.

That was definitely not an intentional design decision. As such, it should be removed fairly soon. The mere thought of Rampart players moving around the map with Sheila and unlimited ammo is just terrifying.

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