A recent report suggests EA might make the final decision regarding Anthem’s fate within this week

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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A new report regarding Anthem Next suggests EA might be making the final decision about the overhaul this week.

Anthem was a big disappointment for EA which was developed by BioWare the studio responsible for popular titles such as the Mass Effect series. Hype for this game was at an all-time high after it was first announced alongside a gameplay trailer which had very little resemblance with the finished product that was launched back in 2019.

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The only saving grace for the title was definitely the iron man inspired movement and beautiful art direction from BioWare. Aside from that, everything else was done in a rush. As there were reports indicating internal conflict regarding the direction of the game, it was a complete mess at launch with frequent loading screens, no real end game, a bland story, and poor implementation of ‘games as a service’ model.

Anthem next
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Following poor reviews from the critics and less favorable reception from the looter shooter community, BioWare decided to drop their plans to release future content and rather focus on revamping the whole game as ‘Anthem Next’ with a small team of around 30 developers.

Anthem’s big week

However, the future of Anthem may be decided within this week according to a report by Jason Schreier. In the report, he claims three sources familiar with the matter have stated that EA executives will take one final look at the latest version of the game that the team at BioWare were working on. And based on that internal review, they will decide whether they should invest more into revamping Anthem or cancel the project altogether.

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We have seen plenty of amusing comeback stories from game makers that held their ground and made their failed projects into successful titles in the past. No Mans Sky, EA’s own BattleFront 2, Warframe, etc are definitely good examples of that.

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