A Plague Tale: Requiem – Where To Get All Souvenirs

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A Plague Tale: Requiem - Where To Get All Souvenirs

You might want to know all about and where to get those souvenirs in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Hop on!

A Plague Tale: Requiem comes with ease for the players after the devastating period of the De Rune Family. In A Plague Tale: Innocence, we see the struggle of Amicia and Hugo dealing with the plague in the most natural way possible. And in this sequel, they will continue their journey through the Provence in search of a new light in the far south with the hope of curing Hugo’s curse once and for all.

Now to talk about you, you seem like someone who wants to finish the game rather than complete the storyline. And with that condition in mind, I will be talking about all the souvenirs in A Plague Tale: Requiem that is needed to finish your journey with total completion. Let’s get into it already without further ado.

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Souvenirs in A Plague Tale: Requiem

We will be hunting for a total of 21 souvenirs throughout the Provence. These souvenirs, however, are spread out in all the chapters. So, needless to say, you must be patient and have watchful eyes to look out for the souvenirs. Well, fear not, as you will have the option to replay the chapters if you, by chance, have missed the opportunity to grab any souvenirs.

Now, let’s get into business.

Chapter 1: Newcomers

Arrival in the Town

Best Player

Progress through the market. Eventually, Amicia and Hugo will arrive at a flower shop. After a bit of chit-chat, take a hard right after taking some steps. At the end of the line, you will see a stall with a fair challenge of knocking down four sets of cubes with pots. Finish the challenge, and you will be rewarded with Best Player.

Confrontation in the Stands

Be At Peace

You will pass through an archer in a large arena at a point in the chapter. Soon, you will discover yourself in a corridor with bodies left to rot. Get on the staircase, and at the end of the line, you will see a woman still trying to breathe. Talking to her will grant you Be At Peace.

Chapter 3: A Burden of Blood

The Gate

A Grave

Look for a small gated-off garden in the middle of the wooden forest. Now, move a bit to the side, and you will see the chain attached to the back side of the gate. Destroy it, and you will get yourself into the small garden area. You will discover a grave there. Interact and get the souvenir.

The Warehouse

Our Home

Use the ladder you will see at the back of the large warehouse. Before that, get the items from the secret chest and your sling. On the top, use your sling to lower the platform you see at your front. Now, cross the platform, and you will see a map on a table. Interact with it.

Chapter 4: Protector’s Duty

Night Work

Silk Treasure

Squeeze through the tight space with loaded cargo in the harbor area. Climb the ladder at the end of the line. Now, reach the top and head along the path. At the very end, you will come across a room after crouching under the gap of a wooden barrier.

You will find a cartwheel in the room. Push it to the point where you will see a white marking that indicates an area on top. Get on, and you will come across some abandoned silk cargo. Interact with these.

The Tar Workshop

A Grain of Sand

Get into the workshop and head right to the front. Continue on the path, and you will be seeing a platform at the end. Take it down with the sling and get on the deck afterward. At the end of the deck, you will reach an interaction point. You will get the souvenir after that.

Chapter 5: In Our Wake

On the River

The Stag’s Roar

Get off the boat and start heading to the front. You will come across a crosspoint of two roads. Take the road on the right and get along the way. At a certain point, you will hear a stag bellowing. That will get you your souvenir.


Head to the area that is infested with rats. Wait till Lucas finds a way through. After that, unlock the latch. You will see the hanging bale. Light it up. Look out for the ladder. Destroy the chain to lower it down. Climb up and yell at Hugo to get the souvenir.

Chapter 6: Leaving All Behind

A Pilgrim Road

Imagine You’re Flying!

At the camp, a woman will greet you there. After that, find the path that passes through two tents. You will see a swing at the end of the line. Interact to get the souvenir.

Call Of The Rats

Which Color Do You Want?

You will use Hugo’s rat control ability at a certain point and pass through the herd in a giant warehouse. Head to the other side, and you will come across a stairway. Head up, and you will find a door at the end. Get inside, and you will see a ladder. Climb, and you will discover yourself in a small pathway.

At the end of this pathway, you will come across a gap that has to be crossed by crouching. After that, you will have to jump down into a small area. You will see a lot of fabrics around. Interact, and you will get what you came for.

Chapter 7: Felons

Passage in the Caves

The Survivor

Cross the passage with the help of Arnaud. Once you exit, you will climb down. You will see a workbench down to your left. Get past it, and you will see a point to climb on. It will lead you to the shipwreck and, eventually, the souvenir.

The Fishing Village

The First Men

In the shipwreck, there will be multiple sets of enemies. Just after the first one, squeeze through a small gap in the shipwreck. Before the next enemy wave arrives, there will be a ledge on your left. Climb on it, and it will lead you to a cave. On the wall, you will see a torch. Light it and take it with you. At the end of the line, you will discover a cave painting. There is your souvenir.

Chapter 8: A Sea of Promises

Celebration of the Brighter Days

Flower Crown

Roam through the market, but stick on the left side. You will eventually discover yourself on a small path. There will be a stall at the end. Finish the challenge, and you will get your souvenir.

Silent Lucinda

Head to the opposite side of the market. There will be an archway. Underneath it, you will see some goats. Interact, and that will grant you your souvenir.

Chapter 9: Tales and Revelations


A Thousand More Years

Head straight and take a right turn beside the rocky mountain. Go further till you reach the end. There will be a tree there. Interact, and you will get your souvenir.

Nice Screeching

Beside the stone footbridge, there will be a large tower. Open the door by using your sling through the window. Get inside and climb to the top. Now, watch the landscape from the viewpoint to get your souvenir.

On the Mountain


You will come across a goat herder on the path to the sanctuary. Take the left course from him and head straight. You will come across a ledge very soon. However, you will see Tramontane, the goat, stuck in a ruin. Interact with it to get your souvenir.

Chapter 10: Bloodline

Approaching the Fort

A Rag Doll

After interacting with some foes, Hugo will run away in the meantime. Catch up to him and then turn to your left. There will be a pathway there. You will have to use your crossbow to clear out the way. Climb up and turn right just after that to get your souvenir.

Chapter 11: The Cradle of Centuries

Defense System

The Chateau d’Ombrage

You will come across a large chamber. There will be a cartwheel on your right side. Push it to reach the rock on the far right. Just down, there will be a platform with a chest and the souvenir.


His Toys…

Just before the large gate, there will be another small gate on your right side. There will be a small hole in the wall to pass. Ask Hugo to pass through and unlock the door. Get inside the room, and the souvenir will be on the top of the table.

Chapter 13: Nothing Left


A Mess

Move to the far right from the large room, and you will see a hole in the iron bar. From there, throw your sling to unlock the door to that room. Get inside and go to the left. Take another turn to the left, and you will come across a big cartwheel. Pull it backward. Then leave the room and retake a right turn. You will discover a new path.

Get inside, and you will see another big cartwheel. Again pull it backward. It will reveal a hole in the wall. Get inside, and you will discover yourself in a small library room. It’s indeed nothing but a mess there. A table will be there on the right side. Interact, and you, my friend, will get the last souvenir, A Mess.

There you go, mate. That is all I have for the souvenirs in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Prosst!

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