A Plague Tale: Requiem – All Secret Chests

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A Plague Tale: Requiem - All Secret Chests

You might want to know all about and where to get the secret chests in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Hop on!

In A Plague Tale: Innocence, Amicia, and Hugo deal with the plague with their life at stake in the most threatening way possible. Well, in this sequel, they will continue their journey through the Provence, and yes, life is at stake again. They are again on the road, hoping to cure Hugo’s curse. In Requiem, they will be heading to the far Southern side.

Some veterans want to finish the game like there was nothing on the dinner table to begin with. And with that in mind, this guide will describe all the locations of the secret chests in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Stick to the end with patience. There are some tricky parts. Let’s get into it already without further ado.

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Secret Chests in A Plague Tale: Requiem

We will be hunting for ten secret chests throughout the Provence. These chests are scattered all over the Provence and the chapters. There are sub-chapters, however. You have to be patient as there will be puzzles to solve, landmarks to look out for, and get in low profile sometimes.

Chapter 3: A Burden of Blood

The Warehouse

Secret Chest 01

In the large warehouse, run toward the hanging car. Just on the left, you will get a knife. Now, from that point, head straight, and you will see the chest. Open it and acquire the items.

Chapter 4: Protector’s Duty

Risky Itinerary

Secret Chest 02

You will get an objective to light up a larger brazier. You will need it to scare off those rats. Look around with the brazier until you see a ladder. Climb up to it, and you will get the chest.

Chapter 5: In Our Wake

Reaction Ferry

Secret Chest 03

After crossing the river, destroy the ferry chain. Afterward, head to the back of the ferry building by taking the path on the left. You will see a small underpass. Cross it through to get inside the building. Climb up on the attic. You will find the chest there.

Chapter 6: Leaving All Behind

Call Of The Rats

Secret Chest 04

After being chased by the guards, you and Hugo will get inside a warehouse and will probably lock the door. From there, you will proceed further by crouching under the shelf. Just some steps ahead, you will come across the chest.

Chapter 7: Felons

The Combat According to Arnaud

Secret Chest 05

After meeting with Sophia, watch out for a path blocked by a coffin. However, there is a small gap on the right side. Crawl through there, and you will discover a small wrecked boat. You will see the chest at the end of this path.

Chapter 9: Tales and Revelations


Secret Chest 06

Look for the large stone tower. It will be visible from the large open area. Just follow down the river to see it clearly. Now head there. After reaching there, head to the left side. You will be able to throw your sling through the window to unlock the door from there. Get inside and reach the first floor. There will be the secret chest.

On the Mountain

Secret Chest 07

You will come across a goat herder on the path to the sanctuary. Take the left course from him and head straight. You will come across a ledge very soon. However, you will see Tramontane, the goat, stuck in a ruin.

Pay no heed; you continue on your path. Climb the ledge, and another one will be on your left. Climb it as well. Proceed forward. The chest will be in an open area.

In the Courtyard

Secret Chest 08

Reunite with Sophia and head to the fort. In the courtyard, there will be a hoard of rats. The chest should be visible from that point. It is on top of a ledge. Head towards the ledge, and you will come across a stairway. Climb to the top to get to the chest.

Chapter 11: The Cradle of Centuries

Rat Tank

Secret Chest 09

After solving the bridge puzzle, head through the gap. Take a sharp left, and you will come across another hole covered in chains. The chest will be inside.

Chapter 13: Nothing Left

Ruined Village

Secret Chest 10

After interacting with Hugo, head to the right side. Go through the door and keep moving. There will be the last secret chest at the end of the path.

There you go, mate. That is all I have for the secret chests in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Prosst!

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