A new “Capture the Flag” game mode is in the works for VALORANT, a new leak suggests

Riot Games is apparently working on a new control or capture the flag type game mode for VALORANT.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter from Riot Games, the developers of the popular MOBA game League of Legends. And similar to League, VALORANT follows the same freemium model for monetization, meaning this game is free-to-play, and there is no barrier to entry. However, players can still purchase cosmetic items such as skins to customize their play sessions.

In short, VALORANT can be categorized as a live service title that will receive more agents, game modes, and maps with upcoming updates to keep the player base engaged. It seems like a new game mode is currently in the works at Riot Games that are similar to the Control or Capture the Flag game mode.

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In this control game mode, players fight for control over specific points in the map to collect capture points. The team with the most point wins the game. This type of game mode is very popular among the Call of Duty player base.

Capture the Flag Mode in VALORANT

According to ValorLeaks, a prominent VALORANT data miner, this game mode is under active development at Riot Games. Data found in the game files suggest this game mode will resemble the fan-favorite control or CTF(capture the flag) game mode.

Capture the Flag Mode in VALORANT
Image via Riot Games

The basic premise of this unannounced game mode will be to capture points, and both teams will race for the highest score. It will be interesting to see Riot’s twist on Capture the Flag game mode in VALORANT.

That is all the information we have regarding this leaked game mode. We’ll definitely keep an eye on any updates on this game mode.

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