A New 3rd Person Action RPG Game By Riot Games Leaked

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Amongst the massive layoffs, a new 3rd person multiplayer action RPG game by Riot Games has been leaked.

Before 2019, Riot Games was not known for making other games besides League of Legends. But during League of Legends’ 10-year anniversary, they revealed some of their upcoming projects. Some of the notable projects include Valorant, Project: L, Arcane, etc.

Since then, they have released a lot of games. And some of them have gained a lot of popularity as well. Besides these, there are still two unreleased Riot Games games that players are excited about. One is Project L, a fighting game based on League of Legends, and the other one is an MMO based on the League of Legends universe. While we know a lot of information about the fighting game already, we almost know nothing about the Riot MMO.

With that said Riot Games has revealed in the season 2024 dev log that they are not announcing any games this year. Even so, recent activities in LinkedIn reveal that they are working on a 3rd person action RPG with multiplayer with tons of unique features. Let’s talk about it.

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A Leaked 3rd Person Action RPG Game By Riot Games

Let’s first talk about how we got this information. Not too long ago, Riot Games laid off around 11% of their workforce. That also impacted their R&D department. Many talented people from these experimental projects were laid off. One of the talented designers is Zoey Wikstrom.

Zoey Wikstrom used to work as a principal narrative designer at the R&D department at Riot Games. Even in Riot Games, she has worked on both League of Legends and Wild Rift.

As for what we know about this ARPG game, it will be in 3rd person. And expectedly, it will have multiplayer. It will contain roguelike mechanics, different enemy factions, a daily quest system, and crafting materials. And if crafting materials are a thing, so crafting is a thing as well. And the last thing we know about this project is that it is being worked on in Unreal Engine 5.

If Riot ARPG Game Is Even Coming Out?

While many fans were speculating about the release date of the game, the question should be if the game is even coming out. If this game were leaked around a couple of months ago, it would have been fine. However, after the recent layoffs in the company, there has been a recent skepticism about the health of their favorite Riot Games IP. At the same time, Riot Games ensured fans that most of their favorite games are fine, but a lot of them aren’t. And those include LoR and Riot Forge Games.

However, in the same post, Riot Games did slightly hint that they were working on some games internally at Riot. But judging from the current timing, it’s unlikely that it is coming out soon. And since the team will see a massive shift due to the massive layoffs and restructuring, we can expect the game to be completely different from what we know now.

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