Project L Team Play System Explained

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has recently released the newest Project: L dev log, showing off its team play system. Here’s everything you have to know.

A few years ago, Riot revealed that they were working on some new projects. These projects included Project: A (Valorant), Arcane, MMO based on League of Legends, and Project: L.

Project: L is the fighting game that is being developed by Riot Games. It is a 2v2 tag-fighter, akin to Marvel vs. Capcom, Dragon Ball FighterZ, or Power Rangers Battle for the Grid. Project: L will be based on the League of Legends universe and include a rollback netcode, and will be free to play at release.

Previously, Riot released some key information about the game. Some of them are early confirmed characters, tag systems, early combo showcases, combo breakers, etc.

Now after months of anticipation, Riot released the newest dev diary about the game. In this video, they have revealed many new information about the game. Especially more details on the duo play system. Here’s all the information you should know about it.

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YouTube video

Project: L Team Play System

Since Project: L will be a tag-team fighting game, Riot has taken into consideration of duo mode to queue up and play with friends in one team. So here are various team matchups that will be available in Project: L.

  • 2v2
    As the name suggests, there will be a total of 4 players in one match and two players in the same team. Each player will pick one champion to play with. Similar to other tag-based fighting games, only one player from each team can play at once. The other player will only be allowed to play if the first player gets K.O’ed or performs a handshake tag. However, if the other player performs an assist, the assisted player still won’t be able to control their character unless the main player performs a tag.
  • 1v1
    This mode is the traditional way of playing tag-based fighters. As it indicates, there will be two players in one match, and each will pick and control two separate champions. They can perform tags to swap between the champions and have full control over the game. And as we see from the current landscape of the FGC, this will be the primary way to play Project: L.
  • 2v1
    What if three players in a friend group want to play Project: L together? Then there is an easy solution. They will be able to play 2v1. It will be a mix of 2v2 and 1v1. In one team, there will be two players picking and choosing their desired champions, and the only player on the other team will be able to pick two separate champions and control them at will.

As players will be able to play the early demo of the game at EVO 2023, we can expect the game’s release date to be nearing as well.

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