A congenital amputee shows off his skills in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games/ Tanmay Chavan

VALORANT is a pretty competitive 5v5 tactical shooter with a pretty high skill ceiling.

VALORANT can be really difficult for players who never had any proper tactical shooter experience. Tanmay Chavan who is a congenital amputee with only one hand just proved that a player can still compete in VALORANT while being handicapped.

Tanmay Chavan or u/BionicGamer323 on Reddit shared a clip of him playing VALORANT with his stump on the keyboard while using his right hand on the mouse. In order to make it work, he apparently binds all the other functionalities like jumping to his mouse. Since he uses Logitech G402 which has 5 extra buttons that players can bind to any keys, he can take some of the tasks away from his amputated arm to perform at a pretty decent level.

How he achieved this feat:

Using my stump on the keyboard always feels like a ball rolling on different keys close to each other. Whenever I start playing a new game, I always try to configure most of the keys in a small radius that includes Q-W-E-R-A-S-D-F-Z-X-1-2-3-Shift and Tab. Over the years my nub has developed excellent muscle memory to hit these exact keys without looking“, Tanmay Chavan on how he plays complex games while being a congenital amputee.

Additionally, with the help of his extra mouse buttons, he claimed that he can actually compete in the game at a pretty decent level. Furthermore, he even mentioned that now he has pretty good control over complex games such as Fortnite, VALORANT, etc. Apparently he considers himself to be a semi-pro player.

Tanmay Chavan fundraiser Bionic arm
image via ketto.org
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Right now, he also has a fundraiser for a bionic arm. This bionic arm should enable him to have more control over his arm than ever before. The fundraiser is already getting some traction.

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