6: Siege Board Game Raises Over $1.5 Million as Kickstarter comes to an End

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Mythic Games

The Kickstarter campaign for Mythic Games’ Rainbow Six Siege board game, ‘6: Siege’, has come to an end earlier today, and it managed to raise over 15 times its goal amount.

Tabletop game publisher Mythic Games ended the Kickstarter campaign today, after successfully raising over $1.5 million.

Mythic Games partnered with Ubisoft to make this project come to life, and on June 22, 6: Siege Board Game went live on Kickstarter, asking for $100,000 of support. Within hours, the game managed to raise nearly $500,000, sprinting past its original goal. With the Kickstarter closing down today, Mythic Games managed to raise $1,541,463 in funding thanks to 10,884 enthusiastic backers. Check out the release trailer of 6: Siege below:

YouTube video

Exclusive In-Game Skins

As previously mentioned on the Kickstarter page, there will be 7 exclusive skins made available to the backers. These skins were selected via votes on social media as two different designs were pitted against one other throughout the previous week. With all the polls now ending, check out the winning designs below:

  • “Queen’s Warrior” Tachanka beat “Second Crew” Ash.
  • “Sulka” Hibana beat “Mama Quilla” Caviera
  • “Jangshi” Lesion beat “Kumiho” Dokkaebi
  • “Zombie Gunslinger” Maestro beat “Vril-Infused” Maverick
  • “Prudence” Nøkk beat “Hardraker’s Crew” Mozzie
  • “Blake” Ace beat “Miéville” Melusi
  • Finally, “Cyber-Judge” Jager beat “Scottish Blacksmith” Sledge
    (This is available only to those who pledged at the top tier of $269)

All these skins will be available in the box as a mini, and will also be released as a Uniform and Headgear in the Rainbow Six Siege video game itself. Only one of these skins will be available in the $69 base pledge, while the $199 package will include six of these skins. The “Cyber-Judge” Jager skin will only be included in the top $269 ‘Smooth Operator‘ pledge.

6: Siege board game currently states an estimated delivery date of June 2022, so the backers still have to wait a long time before they get their hands on the item.

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