Worlds 2022 Play-ins Group B Preview

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The Play-ins of Worlds 2022 start hours later as we preview Group B of the first part of the tournament.

As we countdown to the official start of Worlds 2022, a lot of anticipation is building up in the air. For this article, we will be talking about Group B of the Play-ins as teams compete to get a spot in the Groups Stage. So let’s talk about the group and which teams are favorites, dark horses, and more.

Worlds 2022 Play-ins Group B

This group has powerhouses such as RNG, while teams like DRX, MAD Lions, and Saigon Buffalo have something to prove. Group B is much more competitive and volatile than Group A, considering the teams in the group. Thus, it is hard to predict how the group will go. Still, let’s try to predict which teams will be the favorites and the dark horse of the group.

Favorites for Group B

RNG is the biggest favorite in the group for obvious reasons. After winning MSI 2022 and making a change in the top lane to improve the team. However, things did not go well in LPL Summer 2022. They got reverse swept twice in the playoffs but still managed to come to Worlds 2022. With a chip on their shoulder, they should aim to be the best team in the play-ins

On the other hand, we have another favorite in DRX. DRX did not look the greatest in LCK Summer 2022 and eeked into Worlds. However, with Juhan in the line, they played better in that Regionals stretch, and it’s hard to say which jungler will be playing for DRX in the play-ins. Regardless, LCK teams have a good record in the play-ins, so expect them to excel in this group.

The top of the group will boil down to either RNG or DRX. The last match on Day 1 will indicate which team will go straight to the Groups Stage.

Dark Horses for Group B

As you can tell by the heading, we have multiple dark horses. Saigon Buffalo and MAD Lions are no slouches, but they land in a top-heavy group. However, with either of these teams, we could see their surge up and play as if they have a lot to show.

Saigon Buffalo is the youngest team at Worlds, and they had a decent showing at MSI 2022. They are not the best team in the VCS, but the region has been strong in terms of talent and performances at Worlds. Seeing them show how much they have improved in the past few months will be very interesting.

The MAD Lions, on the other hand, was disappointing in the playoffs. They were the team that made a resurgence in the LEC but fell flat in the playoffs. With time to reflect on their mistakes, we hope they have improved since their mishaps. However, this is still a very talented team that can rise to the occasion and are definitely in the mix to make it to the Groups Stage.

The Rest of the Teams in Group B

We have Isurus Gaming and Istanbul Wildcats left in this group. Both teams have been great in the regional series and matches. However, this group may be too much for them. With how loaded the group is with the likes of RNG, DRX, SGB, and MAD, it is highly unlikely that ISG and IW make a lot of noise. Of course, anything can happen, but it would be unwise to expect both ISG and IW to make it out of groups.

In Conclusion

Group B is a lot more competitive than Group A, considering the caliber of teams in this group. RNG should be the favorites to win the group, but DRX, SGB, and MAD will have something to say about it. We think the winner should be between DRX and RNG, but SGB or MAD could win the group, and we wouldn’t be shocked about it. The play-ins will be a lot of fun to watch this year.

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