World Series of Warzone 2022: Schedule, Format, Prize Money and Teams

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World Series of Warzone, better known as WSOW, is making a grand return. Here’s the complete schedule, prize money, and the teams participating in the high-stakes Warzone tournament.

Call of Duty: Warzone is Activision’s most significant live-service title currently. The tournament’s last iteration gained immense popularity in the community. Fortunately, Activision has decided to bring WSOW for one last time ahead of MW2’s release.

Warzone Season 5 Last Stand is officially the antepenultimate season of the game. Raven Software will put out a big show for the community and prepare for the launch of Warzone 2 later this year. Here’s the schedule, format, prize money, and teams participating in the WSOW.

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World Series of Warzone Schedule

The WSOW will be hosted for two days, the first day for EU and the second day for NA. The matches will be live-streamed on Call of Duty’s Twitch Channel, and the players will stream their POVs too. Here’s the complete schedule with the timings of the tournament:

  • EU WSOW Finals: Tuesday, September 6 at 5 PM BST (9 AM PT/12 PM ET)
  • NA WSOW Finals: Wednesday, September 7 at 1 PM PT (4 PM ET/9 PM BST)

World Series of Warzone Format

There are a total of 40 teams, with 20 invited teams from each region and 20 teams that have qualified through qualifiers. The teams will drop into Caldera as trios, with the points coming from kills and placement.

  • 1 Kill = 1 point
  • 1st Place = 2x points
  • 2nd-15th Place = 1.5x points
  • 16th-40th Place = No points

Immediately after the competition, the winners will go against each other in a SoloYolo competition, where the winner will take home an additional $100,000.

World Series of Warzone Prize Money

The tournament’s total prize money is $600,000, with it being equally divided between both regions. So, the tournament’s prize money is $300,000 for each region.

World Series of Warzone NA Teams

Qualified Teams

Image via Call of Duty on Twitter

Invited Teams

Image via Call of Duty on Twitter

World Series of Warzone EU Teams

Qualified Teams

Image via Call of Duty on Twitter

Invited Teams

Image via Call of Duty on Twitter

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