Get Ready for World of Warcraft Cataclysm Release

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Classic appeared as a logical path for the development of Warcraft, as a separate game, where all fans of hardcore and long-term gameplay will find themselves re-learning previously popular updates, but with updated graphics and gameplay moments.

The release of Cataclysm is scheduled for May 21, and you have time to prepare – read guides and patch notes and look at the WoW Cataclysm Boosting services on Skycoach website to think about whether you need help with gold and pumping right at the start to get a guaranteed lead from other players.

What will change in Cataclysm

In general, the update will not be much different from what players saw in the main version 13 years ago, but with improved graphics and interface – taking the best experience from the main version of Warcraft.

You will explore the territories of the lands destroyed by the maddened Aspect of the Earth, fight the new boss Ragnaros, and kill Al’Akir and Deathwing.

The update will be similar to the same add-on for the original version and will bring you:

  1. The ability to complete new Cataclysm dungeons at high and Mythic difficulty levels.
  2. Transmog sets that will be assigned to your account.
  3. More accelerated leveling and boosting in WoW Cataclysm to the maximum level of 80.
  4. New rewards, boss accessories, and equipment close to level 80 for clearing all new raids at normal, heroic, and mythic quality.
  5. Improvement and development of guilds – new levels and passive bonuses for all participants.

To start playing Cataclysm, you do not need to buy a new update – you just need to have purchased hours of play in World of Warcraft Classic and on May 21, when the new update will be officially released.

Potential developments for Cataclysm in the Classic Update

Since the release of Cataclysm essentially means a relaunch of the old update, but with improved graphics and interface, we can guess which patches players will see and in what order.

 Phase 1 – release:

  1. Change of all game classes, adding new skills relevant up to level 80.
  2. A general change in the interface with the introduction of a hint system, familiar to all WoW Dragonflight players.
  3. General improvement in graphics, relevant for the 2024 gaming industry.
  4. The ability to reforge equipment and change its characteristics for different classes.
  5. New talent system, which opens up more free choice for the development of the hero.
  6. System for obtaining PVP and PVE points in battles and hunting monsters and bosses from the new update.
  7. Flexible and turn-based raid system, in which you need to complete all difficulty levels to get a chance at level 80 legendary equipment and weapons.

Phase 2, changes:

  1. Devastation of the Eastern Kingdom and Kolimdor locations after the attack of Deathwing.
  2. Races get more variations from classes for themselves.
  3. Accelerated leveling up to level 60 through new quests from the first level in preparation for boosting in WoW Cataclysm.
  4. When you enter the game, you will be greeted by a new splash screen and menu design.

Phase 3 – Raid Expansion:

  1. Access to new heroic level dungeons for 5 players – “Zul’Aman” and “Zul’Gurub”.
  2. Explore the storyline of the Zandalari tribe through quests and grinding in locations.

Phase 4 – new raid, days and rewards:

  1. New daily quests on the Fiery Front.
  2. New raid “Fire Expanses” available for groups of 10 and 25 players.
  3. Chance to get a new staff of Wrath of Dragons.
  4. Players can now study the Dungeon Atlas.

Phase 5 – maximum raids and new transmog modes for equipment:

  1. New mechanics for transmogrification of equipment.
  2. New raid “Dragon Soul”.
  3. New raid search system with selection criteria and class filters.
  4. Three new raids for 5 players.
  5. New zone “Darkmoon Fair”.
  6. New weapons – daggers from the “Fangs of the Father” set.

The phases are preliminary and Blizzard can still play out their release in a different order, or cancel, but there is a high probability that this is how they will go into release, similar to the main version.

New races in the Cataclysm update

The new addition will also expand the list of races available for choice for both factions. So the Alliance can now choose Worgens, and the Horde can choose Goblins.

Worgens are metamorphs that change their appearance from human to wolf and back and start in the Gilneas location. These classes will be available to you:

  • Mage
  • Druid
  • Warlock
  • Death Knight
  • Priest
  • Hunter
  • Robber
  • Warrior

Goblins have two starting locations and specialize in technology and trade. Similar classes will be available for the new race in the Horde faction.

Other changes to WoW Classic Cataclysm

  1. New Void Storage, which adds up to 80 item positions that can be stored.
  2. Advanced guild skills – passive and active skills for all participants. Mass resurrection of allies, teleport skills, passive bonuses to attack and defense. All players will be able to access the guild bank, depending on the permission of the guild leader.
  3. In this part of classic Warcraft, some characteristics have been removed – attack power, defense and spell power, armor penetration.
  4. A new parameter has been added – mastery, which affects the quality of using skills – the chances of passing negative skills, double damage and other features.
  5. Removing spell ranks – now all magic will have only one level and skill development.
  6. Adding a new profession – Archeology, now players can excavate in areas marked with a shovel and receive both valuable items and just trash of low value.
  7. Now you will be able to fly throughout the territory of the new update and old locations if you have a flying mount.
  8. New locations available for players to explore – You will be able to travel to the Underdark, Mount Hyjal, the Twilight Highlands, Uldum, Tol Barad, the Molten Front and the underwater region of Vashj’ir with its Abyssal Depths, Kelp’thar Forest and the Shimmering Expanse.
  9. 10, and more locations to getting glory points.


In Cataclysm, you will be able to continue your PVP gameplay, at least for those players who are looking for combat and the opportunity to strengthen their equipment and weapons for bonuses in battle.

In WoW, the old tradition will remain and the principle of a battle between two warring factions still continues to bring coins of valor for which the main rewards are purchased.

Now you can visit Battle for Gilneas, Two Peaks, and Tol Barad for battles in the form of small events.

Conclusions on the release and preparation for the release of the World of Warcraft Classic update

Cataclysm is a logical continuation of the classic version of Warcraft, which expands the territory and adds wasteland with new bosses, and quests and raises the threshold of the maximum level that you can get, and now it is a mark that reaches level 80.

Now the developers from Blizzard have removed many key characteristics, but have added a mastery parameter, which significantly increases the effectiveness of skills and increases the chance of passing negative skills.

A variety of new Normal, Heroic, and Mythic-cost raids will be added for 5, 10, and 25 players, providing the latest Mythic and Legendary items and gear for all classes.

All new players will be in a more advantageous situation because the overall leveling from level 1 to 60 will be significantly accelerated.

Now each faction will have the opportunity to start playing as one of the new times – Vergons, or Goblins.

In general, the project will receive updated graphics and interfaces from the main version of Warcraft and will most likely follow the same logic of development and phases as 13 years ago – players just have to wait until May 21, when Blizzard announced the release of a new version of the classic Warcraft.