How World Levels Work in Genshin Impact

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Are you new to Genshin Impact and cannot understand how the World level works? Here is a small guide to understanding the World level and how it works.

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed and released by miHoYo in 2021. Genshin Impact takes place in the fictional world of Teyvat, and players can experience the vast world of a seven-nation fictional world. As you start your journey in Genshin Impact, you will encounter many enemies, collect characters, and do quests as your story progresses.

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When you start playing Genshin Impact, you will notice that the enemies you face gradually become difficult, but you start getting better rewards after defeating them. As you progress in Genshin Impact, your Adventure Rank will increase, opening up new quests and allowing you to access different domains and start new missions.

One of the important aspects of Adventure Rank is that when your Rank increases, your World level will get more challenging as well. Here is a small guide to help you understand how the World level works in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact World Levels Explained

World Level in Genshin Impact
World Level in Genshin Impact

When you progress in the game by exploring, doing quests, or defeating enemies, your Adventure Rank will also increase. When your Adventure Rank rises, it will also increase the World level, which represents how challenging enemies and bosses are.

The World level will increase automatically when your Adventure Rank increases, and sometimes players must complete the Ascension quest to ascend to their respective worlds. Here are all the World levels and their required Adventure Ranks to increase the level,

World LevelAdventure Rank
0Unlocked by default after starting the game.
1Unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 20
2Unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 25 and completing Adventure Rank Ascension 1 quest
3Unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 30
4Unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 35 and completing Adventure Rank Ascension 2 quest
5Unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 40
6Unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 45 and completing Adventure Rank Ascension 3 quest
7Unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 50 and completing Adventure Rank Ascension 4 quest
8Unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 55
World Levels in Genshin Impact

When players start playing Genshin Impact, the World level is set to 0(Zero) by default. Players must complete the ascension quest at Adventure Ranks 25, 35, 45, and 50 before increasing their World level. Increasing the World Level will increase the level of enemies in the overworld, which will make them more challenging to defeat but will drop more loot.

The current maximum World Level is 8, and Adventure Rank is 60.

Ascension Domain

After reaching Adventure Rank 25, 30, 45, and 50, players must complete the Ascension Domain at the Midsummer Courtyard in Starsnatch Cliff, Mondstadt. Completing the Ascension Domain will ascend the player’s World level by 1(One), and the Ascension Quests can only be done once.

Changing the World Level

Changing the World Level in Genshin Impact
Changing the world level

After reaching World Level 5 at Adventure Rank 40, players can decrease the World level by 1 from the main menu.

Open the main menu and select the ‘i’ icon beside the World Level, which will bring up the option to lower your World Level. After pressing that, the game will ask you to confirm your decision. When your World level is lowered, the level of enemies in the game will also be decreased, as well as the rewards you gain from defeating them. You can change back to your original World level after 24 hours from the same menu.

That is how the World level works in Genshin Impact. I hope this guide helped you to understand more about the World of Genshin Impact.

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