Will The Winter Map Return In League of Legends 2022?

The winter-themed skin line is coming back after two years but will the winter map return?

The winter season is here, and with it, Riot announced a new winter-themed event. This year’s winter event includes the gorgeous Winterblessed skin line and a surprise ARAM rework. But something is missing, the ‘Winter Map.’

The winter season is a special time for many people; it’s a time of holiday, joy, and Christmas. And for League of Legends players, we get to experience the beautiful winter map and the winter-themed skins. Each year to celebrate the winter season, Riot Games releases some winter-themed skins and the winter map. It has been a tradition since the birth of the game itself, but for the past two years, Riot has not released any winter-themed skins, nor have they brought back the winter map.

But after two years, Riot has finally decided to bring back winter-themed skins in the form of the Winterblessed skins. So, fans are hoping for the winter map’s return but will it return?

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Winter Map 2022

Will the League of Legends Winter Map return in 2022? Unfortunately, the short answer is highly unlikely.

Although the map is very popular, Riot is hesitant to bring the winter map back. The map at its current iteration is very unoptimized and is visually very noisy. Moreover, players with very old pc get unstable FPS on the map, sometimes even less than 60 FPS, which is very concerning for a game designed to run smoothly on most PCs. And after introducing the Elemental Rift based on drake’s element, Riot pretty much scrapped the idea.

Maybe we will get an optimized winter map later down the line, but sadly won’t be getting it this year.

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