Wild Rift Switching To Four Thematic Patches A Year

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot has revealed that they will be adding four thematic patches a year for Wild Rift.

Last year was a very exciting year for Wild Rift. In that, we have experienced a ton of new and exciting additions and changes that exceeded players’ expectations.

Regarding champions, we have gotten a ton of interesting ones. Some of the notable champions are Zeri, Zoe, Ornn, Swain, Volibear, Hecarim, Fiddlesticks, etc. These champions offered something very unique to the game and shifted the meta as well. Additionally, a lot of older champions from PC League of Legends got a huge facelift when they appeared in Wild Rift. The main ones are Hecarim, Zyra, and Vladimir. Now, Hecarim’s in-game model represents his current splash art. Similarly, Zyra also got some visual uplift. Vladimir got a complete visual overhaul in Wild Rift. He’s far younger, and the quality is amazing. Moreover, it is lore accurate as they even made a cinematic about it.

As for mechanic changes, Riot also completely overhauled the rune system. The new rune system is now more akin to the current PC rune system, but it is slightly easier and streamlined.

With that said one thing they did last year was that they change the yearly patch cycle. Before, there were six major patches, but last year there were only 5. However, it didn’t mean that we got less content. In fact, we got more meaningful content last year than the prior. Recently, they have announced that, instead of five, we are getting four thematic patches a year.

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Wild Rift: Four Thematic Patches A Year

As stated before, Riot will be releasing four major patches a year instead of five. Riot did assure us that, just like the previous year, we are not getting less content. In fact, according to Riot, we will be getting more content each patch, and each addition will be more influential than before.

Another thing Riot mentioned is that each patch will be tied to a different theme. For example, in quarter 2 of 2024, we are getting a Shadow Isle-themed patch. So it will include Shadow Isle-themed champions, items, lore, and much more content.

They also revealed that in quarter 4 of 2024, we are getting an Arcane-themed content update. There, we will see more new content based on the show.

Lastly, they revealed that during the Shadow Isle-themed patch, we are getting a champion from that place. My guess is that we might be getting Viego. Regardless, we will be getting a lot of amazing content this year.

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