Wild Rift Chromacrash Jinx Skin: Splash Art, Release Date, and Price.

The upcoming Jinx skin has officially been revealed, Chromacrash Jinx, which will release in patch 3.5.

With patch 3.4, we saw many new and exciting additions to Wild Rift. Such as the addition of four beloved champions, Gwen, Yone, Vex, and Warwick. Furthermore, Riot also released a new 1v1 game mode called Duel.

For cosmetics, Riot released the Bewitching Skin line from the PC league, adding Bewitching Vex as the Wild Rift exclusive skin. Moreover, for the Wild Rift pass, Riot Released the Super Hero Jayce skin.

Finally, Riot released the Supreme Cells, which featured Supreme Cells Sett, Supreme Sells Zed, and Supreme Cells Kennen for the exclusive skin line.

Leaks were circulating that Riot would release a new exclusive skin line for patch 3.5. Additionally, the skins would have a graffiti/street art theme.

These leaks were, in fact, accurate as Wild Rift’s new exclusive skin line is Chromacrash. Moreover, this skin line will feature a Jinx skin, Chromacrash Jinx.

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Chromacrash Jinx

As Jinx skins rarely disappoint. Chromacrash Jinx is no exception. This is undoubtedly good-looking skin for her. This skin mixes Firecracker Jinx and Zombie Slayer Jinx with a mix of modern street art.

Jinx is one of the best candidates for this style of graffiti/street art skins, and this skin hit the nail with the design. Sadly, this skin line will only be a Wild Rift exclusive skin line. We can still hope that Riot releases Chromacrash or a similar skin line for PC sometime in the future.

Splash Art

chromacrash jinx
Image Credits: Riot Games

Chromacrash Jinx Price

Chromacrash Jinx will be an Epic skin, costing 990 Wild Cores.

Release Date

The Chromacrash skin line will hit live servers on patch 3.5, which is scheduled to release on Nov 17, 2022.

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