WhoIsImmortal Reveals why Suppressors are “Useless” in Warzone 2.0 after Secret Update

Warzone expert WhoIsImmortal has revealed why suppressors are useless after a secret update in Warzone 2.0.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has the same weapon progression and modifications as Modern Warfare 2. Players can customize their weapons according to their gameplay style. With the choice of suppressors, players can silence their gun to remain undetected while opening fire.

However, the suppressors in Warzone 2.0 function a little differently from their multiplayer counterparts. While suppressors provide better bullet velocity and damage range, they no longer hide player location. Warzone expert WhoIsImmortal dove into an analysis of the suppressors in Warzone 2.0.

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Suppressors are “Useless” Now

Suppressors in Warzone 2.0 function differently now after a secret update. Previously, players who fired an unsuppressed weapon would appear on their enemy’s compass. However, on the contrary, players who fired a suppressed weapon remained hidden on their enemy’s compass.

Warzone guru WhoIsImmortal conducted a test and found that the suppressors no longer hide player position, making them useless for most situations. He says, “There was a secret update which happened a few weeks back. I was really hoping that after their break happened they would go through and realize ‘we’ve changed this we should probably fix that’ because it was never mentioned in any patch notes and never mentioned anywhere officially. However, they’ve removed the red dots from the compass here in Warzone 2.0″

This secret nerf removes every reason to use a suppressor in Warzone 2.0 except for camo challenges. While position concealment has been a big factor behind suppressors being a priority, it’s more of a bonus attachment now that increases weapon bullet velocity and damage range.

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