When Will Empyrean Skins Be Released?

Empyrean Skins are coming out soon in League of Legends, and here is everything we know about these skins so far.

Riot has released a variety of different skin lines in League of Legends. We have had great skin lines, such as Spirit Blossom, Project Skins, Bewitching skins, etc. Riot always tries to push the envelope when it comes to releasing top-quality cosmetics into the game.

The recent skin line to be released is the Empyrean Skins. The Empyrean Skins will feature skins for Jhin, Jax, Lux, Vex, Zac, and Zed skins. Also, the skin line will release a Legendary Pyke skin and a Prestige Empyrean K’sante skin. The artwork on the skins is really unique and eye-catching.

Unsurprisingly, people trying to get their hands on these fresh-looking skins. However, most excited players have no clue on when these skins will be released. If you are looking for a release date, then you have come to the right place. The information regarding the release date is given below.

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Empyrean Skins Release Date

The Empyrean Skins are set to be released on November 3rd, 2022. That falls in line with the release of Patch 12.21, as the skin will be released after a day. The skins are currently being tested in PBE, and we can expect to get them in about two weeks’ time.

Hence, it is a bit of a wait for November 3rd, but it will be worth it, given the theme and color combination of the skins. The skins definitely look great and are worth the wait.

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