What’s the best way to spend gold in Heroes and Generals?

Heroes and Generals is a free-of-charge MMOFPS game taking players to World War II, where Germany, the USA, and the Soviet Union fight for victory. 

The game provides you with a wide selection of roles you can choose. You can play as:

  • Infantry, 
  • Pilots, 
  • Paratroopers, 
  • Recons, 
  • Generals, 
  • Tankers. 

Regardless of your choice, you have an impact on the course of the actions and the results of battles. In every role, you fight as a member of a team and enter into a growing community. 

The game offers an enormous arsenal of weapons and vehicles. Nevertheless, the most powerful ones usually come at costs or as a reward. One of the currencies you can exchange for valuable items is gold.

What is gold in Heroes and Generals?

Gold is a special type of currency in the Heroes and Generals. You can use it to purchase almost everything in the game, such as:

  • Veteran membership, 
  • soldiers, 
  • assault teams, 
  • weapons and their modifications 
  • vehicles, 
  • supply crates, 
  • ribbon boosters. 

As you can see, there are multiple options you can choose. Therefore, it is difficult to unanimously choose one unique best way to spend the gold as it depends on your current needs. 

Also, before you start spending your hard-earned gold, you should also check out whether it is not more beneficial to get the desired item effortlessly using the MillionPugs browser extension. 

What is MillionPugs? 

MillionPugs is a cashback service that allows gamers to obtain in-game content in exchange for points collected by shopping online. 

It collaborates with over 850 different stores that have prepared special deals for MillionPugs users enabling them to get points for making purchases on their sites. 

Once you collect a sufficient number of points, you can redeem them for Heroes and Generals items, such as:

  • Veteran membership, 
  • Starter Packs with items like Veteran membership, infantry/SMG assault ribbon boosters, physical training/driver/chauffeur ribbon boosters, 
  • Skins pack, 
  • Machine Carbine

and others. 

The service is fresh and is still expanding. Consequently, the list of items to purchase in exchange for points steadily evolves, and new useful in-game content appears.

The optimal way to use the service is to install the MillionPugs browser extension as it will notify you about available deals every time you visit adequate stores. 

What’s the best way to spend gold in Heroes and Generals?

As already mentioned, the best way to spend gold is a subjective matter. 

Nevertheless, let’s look closer at powerful items such as Veteran membership and ribbon boosters, which you can get for gold or for points on the MillionPugs platform. 

Veteran membership 

Veteran memberships can be purchased in-game using gold or credits or out-game using the MillionPugs plugin. 

Veteran Membership stays on your account even if you change factions at the beginning of a new war, as long as the membership is valid. 

The membership is one of the most valuable items you can purchase in Heroes and Generals as it comes with multiple benefits. 

Benefits of holding Veteran membership

Basically, there are 6 main benefits of holding the Veteran membership status, such as:

  • +25% credits earned – when you earn credits, you earn 25% more than standard members,
  • +75% warfunds earned – when you earn warfunds in the game you earn 75% more than standard members,
  • +100% XP Gained – when you gain combat or tactical experience in battles, you gain 100% more than standard members,
  • +25% Ribbon XP Gained – when you gain ribbon experience in battles, you gain 25% more than standard members,
  • additional extra combat badge slot – your characters are able wear 2 combat badges at the same time,
  • +1 Weapon Slot – your characters are able to carry 4 weapons instead of 3.

Once your Veteran membership period expires, your account is reverted to standard membership. 

Ribbon boosters

Another powerful item you can purchase with gold or using the MillionPugs platform instead are Ribbon boosters. 

Ribbons are awards for performing useful actions, such as:

  • attacking or defending important points, 
  • killing enemy soldiers,
  • destroying enemy vehicles.

In order to gain ribbon experience quicker, you can use ribbon boosters that provide you with a temporary boost of 75% in gaining experience in physical training, infantry assault, parachuting, defense, or others. 

You should only remember that the duration of the ribbon boosters is expressed in real-time, not in-game time. Therefore, you should always plan ahead before activating them.

As you can see, there are multiple powerful ways to spend gold in Heroes and Generals. You can purchase strong weapons, vehicles, Veteran membership which comes with a lot of benefits, upgrading your game, or ribbon boosters, allowing you to gain experience quicker. 

Remember that a lot of these items you can get effortlessly using the MillionPugs browser extension, collecting points, and redeeming them for valuable in-game items. Consequently, you don’t have to devote a large number of hours to get enough gold to purchase them and upgrade your game. 

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