What is an Illegal Molly in VALORANT?

Ashraful Abedin
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Valorant illegal molly

A term that’s been floating around in the VALORANT pro scene is “Illegal Molly” which you might not be familiar with. So let’s clarify, what really is an illegal molly in VALORANT?

First, let’s talk about what Mollys are in VALORANT. “Molly” is short for Molotov which in essence means a crude hand-thrown Incendiary weapon comprised of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and lit by a fuse. It shatters upon impact and sets the area of impact ablaze for a period of time.

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Illegal Molly

In VALORANT, Mollys are typically referred to as Agent abilities that work in a similar fashion: They are thrown by hand in a projectile motion and are capable of damaging the area upon which they land. Brimstone’s Incendiary, Viper’s Snake Bite, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, and Gekko’s Mosh Pit are called Mollys for their behavior.

The Mollys of various agents interact with the Map environments all differently. When a certain part of the map weirdly interacts with the abilities due to a bug or glitch, the results are unintended and can be exploited. As an example, in Icebox A site, a small crevice can be used to throw your Killjoy Nanoswarm which can clip into the environment making it impossible to see or destroy by the enemy team. This will make it impossible to defuse a nearby spike by the enemy team which makes it unfair and an Illegal Molly.

YouTube video

The video above showcases examples of Hidden Mollys. They are fun to use in Competitive, and all the Aspiring Killjoy mains out there use it all the time to gain an edge over their opponents. Although there is no ruling against these for Competitive, they are termed Illegal in Pro matches and are banned.

Use of Illegal Molly in the Pro Scene

YouTube video

This was used in a Pro Match between Furia vs. T1 in a VCT Lock//In match. It was used by Killjoy player of Furia which ended in T1 getting a free round win. Hector Rosario, the General Manager of Furia agreed with the decision however and his team secured the match regardless.

Riot is quietly patching these illegal molly spots, but some still remain out there, ripe for exploitation for those nifty Killjoy mains out there.

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