What is a PSN card and how does it work

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The PSN Card, also called PlayStation Network Card, allows you to load balance to your PlayStation Store wallet without needing a credit or debit card. With the help of this recharge, you can buy games, bundles, DLC, and Playstation Plus.

It is physical money turned into virtual on your Playstation card. You can also reserve games or buy a PS plus PS now. The PSN Cards are divided by region depending on which part you are in.

How each country maintains its own PlayStation Network Cards

For example, European countries, whether Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, or England, among others, have their prepaid balance cards. Therefore, if you created an account from that country, the PSN Card must be from the same country.

If you buy from another country, the Playstation gift card won’t work. The currency represented in those countries is the euro. The same goes for every Asian, African or Oceanian country. Governments have their prepaid balance cards for America, the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

Although as it is known, the PSN Cards from the USA are the most used. The reason was when the PlayStation 3 came out in the past; there were few options to choose a particular country and access the PlayStation Store. Of all those options, the United States was one of them; therefore, many people from different countries created an account in the USA.

To date, the US PlayStation Store has the largest number of users. You also find many facilities to load money into the wallet. Since there are Playstation gift cards of various denominations. Among them, values ​​​​of $10, $20, $50, $60, $75 and $100. If you want to buy PSN cards, check out the PSN USA category on the official website.

As for the other countries mentioned, each one has PSN cards according to their country’s currency, except Mexico, which is in dollars and not in Mexican pesos. For the other Latin countries, there are still no PlayStation Network Cards for each country.

For now, the only way to top up money to an account is with a credit or debit card or Paypal. You can review these solutions if you are trying to buy and it does not recognize your card.

PSN Subscription Advantages

With the PSN subscription, you can get great benefits at a low cost on PS Plus, PS Now, and EA Access. Find PSN memberships of 1, 3, and 12 months, which are available by region. PlayStation Plus is required to play online on PS4. 

About PS Now, you can download free PS4 and PS3 games. As for EA Access, you access a collection of PS4 games from the developer EA Sports. Access the PSN subscription automatically. PSN subscriptions are redeemed through a digital code on your PS4 console. It is 100% Original and Legal since it comes from authorized providers. Besides, it requires a PlayStation Network account to perform all these features.

How to activate a PSN gift card?

PSN has started an online service that provides different games and consoles for unlimited entertainment. It allows you to play the game and chat with your friends, buy new content, new costumes, and many more. 

Activating a PSN gift card is not rocket science to understand. It involves simple steps. When you purchase an online PSN card, you will instantly get a confirmation message within one or two minutes. It will be sent via email or on your given contact number. 

The essential thing to know is that if you buy a card for yourself, you will get a code. You must enter the code to redeem the cash on your PSN account. On the other hand, if someone else sends you a code, follow the same process. After this, your card’s cash value will be activated and unlocked immediately. 

Once it is activated, you can’t use the code again. If you do, a message will pop up which tells you that you have used the code and it is invalid. 

After activation of the PSN card, you do not have to rush to use the money right now. First, build your cash up to make more significant purchases. 

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