What Happens When You Die In Diablo Immortal?

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In Diablo Immortal, after your character’s death, a few things get changed. But you must get back to life again to experience those changes. This guide will tell you about the after-effects of your character being bead in Diablo Immortal.

In Diablo Immortal, you can die anytime in the gameplay if you lose any fight to an enemy or if you have insufficient Health Potions and Health Globes to treat your injury instantly in time.

After you die in Diablo Immortal, your saved gameplay, as well as your weapons, gears, stones, gems, and everything that you have, disappears, and you can only get them back after completing a few steps into gaining your life back again.

What Happens When You Die in Diablo Immortal?
Credit: Gamers Heroes

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What Happens When You Die in Diablo Immortal

After your character’s death in Diablo Immortal, you can do the following things that can happen in the gameplay:


You can surely come back to life using the bright blue Ressurection Stone. You can recharge it by upgrading your gameplay. With this stone, you can get another life in Diablo Immortal.

What Happens When You Die in Diablo Immortal
Credit: Gamers Heroes ( YT )

Revive In Town

You can also come back to life by charging in Reviving in Town. This will save time and power for the Resurrection stone. However, it has limitations because you cannot use this stone as much as you want. Like, you cannot use it more than three times in a row; you must wait a few more times to be able to use it again.

So, this situation can be a significant headache. However, you can revive in the town to remove the stress and come back to life soon. Moreover, it is free of cost.

Revive At Corps

You can also choose this option, but you must use one resurrect stone to do it.


Your friends can also get you back on your feet in the game. Again, this is free of charge.

These are some ways to get back on your feet in Diablo Immortal.

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