What are some interesting gaming trends in 2023

Shekhar Rudra
By Shekhar Rudra
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Technological advancements have always impacted the gaming industry, and the popularity of video games has, for decades, been connected to PC and console gaming. However, how much has the gaming industry changed throughout the years, and what are some of the gaming trends we can see in 2023?

Let us take a look at which gaming platforms and game genres are the most popular among gamers this year!

A study on gaming habits found that shooter games are still very popular, and Call of Duty was the most popular game among both male and female gamers. The study also found that men, more often than women, use video games as a way to meet new people and spend time with friends. So, the social aspect could likely be one of the reasons shooter games remain such a popular video game genre.

If we take a look at the most popular mobile games among users, games like Call Of Duty and Apex Legends are still on the top. However, the abundance of shooting games is not the sole reason for the popularity of these games. It can be said that shooter games tend to satisfy certain psychological urges that other genres can not. Even though games are designed to create a leisurely time for players to unwind while playing, shooting games build a sense of adrenaline rush among players. Not only are these games more exciting, but winning such games also creates a sense of superiority.

Additionally, shooting games are quite immersive, with various terrain and camouflage options. Players feel more involved in such games as they can create strategies and fight with teammates. The popularity of shooting games is also facilitated by the fact that there is a comparatively larger number of male gamers than female gamers. It can not be denied that these games are quite immersive, which inherently creates a sense of competitiveness among players.

Mobile games have become equally, if not more, popular than PC and console games. The PC gaming industry was worth over $45.6 billion in 2022, and console gaming around $37 billion. Even if these numbers are huge, recent statistics suggest that mobile gaming is becoming a leading gaming platform, with over $92 billion in revenue in 2022.

That could be because mobile games are easier to access than other gaming platforms. Not only are mobile games cheaper, but they also provide users the freedom to play games anywhere they want to. Additionally, the increased network connectivity has facilitated mobile gaming as well.


Mobile gaming has become very popular in recent years. Some of the most popular mobile games are from the first-person shooter genre. There are various reasons why shooting games like Call Of Duty and Apex Legends are heavily popular among players. These games are not only quite competitive and have amazing control mechanics,  but they also satisfy the urge to feel superior among players. Additionally, the adrenaline rush that shooting games provide also facilitates their popularity.

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