Warzone Community and Marshmello are Demanding Verdansk’s Return for Warzone Season 5

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Warzone content creators and players are demanding Verdansk’s return for Warzone Season 5 as a farewell to the game. Even renowned DJ and music producer Marshmellow chimed in on this.

Verdansk has been a critical factor in Warzone’s popularity. The map differed from other battle royale maps as it had loads of elevation, bunkers, staircases, and slopes. It was revamped as Verdansk 84′ with BOCW’s release.

The map was sent to the dugout when Caldera joined Warzone. However, Caldera was a different map from Verdansk. It has vast sightlines and hilly terrains with minimal cover in most scenarios. The community reaction towards the map has been mixed, with most players opting for Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep.

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Verdansk’s Return for Warzone Season 5

MW2 is almost on the horizon, with its release on October 28, 2022. It is also the most anticipated game of 2022, with fans excited at the prospect of Warzone 2. In addition to that, most fans and content creators are demanding that Raven Software should bring back Verdansk as a send-off to Warzone.

Modern Warzone tweeted at Raven Software asking for Verdansk in Warzone Season 5. IceManIsaac replied to the tweet with his tweet stating the same thing.

Isaac also asserted his frustration with Caldera. Furthermore, he implied that Raven should overhaul Verdansk with everything they have done throughout Caldera’s lifetime to improve the quality of gameplay.

Another content creator, MercMo shared his take on the situation. Considering how far the player base has come and how playstyles have evolved, it will be an excellent move for Warzone if they bring back Verdansk to Warzone.

Not only content creators and players have been rampant with their demand to bring back Verdansk. Renowned DJ Marshmello also tweeted out wanting Verdansk back in the coming season.

Although Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island have kept players busy in Warzone, the community has longed for Verdansk’s return. It is a matter of time now to see if Raven Software decides to go through with the mass demand for the return of everyone’s favorite map.

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