Call of Duty: Warzone Titanium Trials Endurance Event Challenges and Rewards

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Raven Software has introduced Terminator to Warzone with the Titanium Trials game mode. Here are all the challenges players can complete and rewards they can earn from the game mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone has collaborated with famous pop culture entities to dish out unique content for players. Since then, Activision has brought Die Hard, Rambo, Attack on Titan, and Godzilla to Warzone. Similarly, the upcoming Season 4 reloaded has introduced Terminators to Warzone.

With the Terminator crossover, Raven Software is introducing Titanium Trials game mode to Warzone. It will allow players to take the mantle of Terminator with an enhanced health pool. Furthermore, players can now earn free rewards by completing a number of event challenges.

Here are all the Titanium Trials challenges and the rewards players can get by completing them in-game.

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Titanium Trials Challenges and Rewards

Players can obtain 13 rewards through the 13 Titanium challenges in Trials game mode. Here’s a comprehensive list of the challenges and rewards.

Complete one execution in Titanium Trials: EnduranceBattle Pass 2XP Token
Revive 10 Players in Titanium Trials: EnduranceWeapon 2XP Token
Win a Gulag 5 times in Titanium Trials: EnduranceEpic “Titanium Chrome” Vanguard Weapon Camo
Achieve a Top 10 finish in Titanium Trials: EnduranceUncommon “I’ll Be Back” Progression Calling Card #1
Win 1 time in Titanium TrialsEpic “I Sense Injuries” Progression Calling Card #2
Win 2 times in Titanium TrialsEpic “I Sense Injuries” Progression Calling Card #3
Win 3 times in Titanium TrialsEpic “I Sense Injuries” Progression Calling Card #4
Win 4 times in Titanium TrialsBattle Pass Tier Skip
Event CompletionistUltra “Liquid Metal” Vanguard Weapon Camo (Animated)
Win 5 times in Titanium TrialsLegendary “I’ll Be Back” Player Title.
Win 10 times in Titanium Trials.Legendary “Hasta La Vista, Baby” Player Title.
Win 15 times in Titanium Trials.Ultra “The Terminator” Progression Calling Card #5 (Animated)
Win 20 times in Titanium Trials.Ultra “Skynet” Vanguard Weapon Camo

Titanium Trials Operator Challenges

Players can also unlock three rewards by equipping Terminator operators and completing these simple challenges shown below.

Win a Titanium Trials victory while dressed as the T-800 Operator.Legendary “Thumbs Up” Animated Calling Card.
Win a Titanium Trials victory while dressed as the T-1000 Operator.Legendary “Cyberdyne Systems” Calling Card.
Killing a Terminator Operator while dressed as a Terminator Operator.Legendary “Terminated” Calling Card.

Titanium Trials Release Date

Titanium Trials and their respective challenges will be available starting August 11, 2022. Aside from these two Ultra camos, players can also get their hands on exclusive hidden rewards.

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