Warzone 2.0 Haunting Event: Classic Modes, Vondead Event, Zombie Royale, Map Changes and Rewards

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Warzone 2.0 Haunting Event is here with Classic Modes, Zombie Royale, Vondead Event, and crossover events.

Call of Duty is one of the biggest arcade shooters of all time. The game caters to all types of players by including various types of game modes. The variety of game modes allows players to have fun in their own way.

Warzone 1 introduced many new game modes for players, including seasonal events during the holidays. One of the most popular holiday events is the Haunting event. Most popularly known as the Haunting of Verdansk, the game mode has been a community favorite.

Now The Haunting returns to Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 with Season 6. The Haunting brings back Haunting-themed modes both in multiplayer and battle royale. Moreover, players will also receive free Halloween-themed rewards for participating in the event.

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A Haunting Twist on Classic Modes

Warzone 2 The Haunting

Along with map changes, the mid-season update also brings Halloween twists to a select number of modes. While the overall objectives may be the same, try not to get scared out of your wits while completing them.

Haunting Domination: Own all the control points on the map as usual. However, in this version of Domination, expect a scarecrow to act as a marker for each flag.

Haunting Kill Confirmed/Grind: Instead of dog tags, collect skulls in Grind and Kill Confirmed.

Haunting Drop Zone Drop Scares: Capture and hold the Drop Zone to earn points for your team, but take care while opening any crates. Who knows what might jump out at you!

Haunting Infected: Zombies swarm to Infected. Players who become infected will appear as The Haunting-themed Zombies.

General Overview

Warzone 2 The Haunting
  • Gear up with new weapons: There’s no horror too great when you’ve got these weapons in hand. Take on enemies with a new Assault Rifle, SMG, a Melee weapon, and a Chainsaw last used on Phobos.
  • BlackCell introduces V4L3RIA: The latest in robotics is ready for deployment as V4L3RIA arrives to lead the BlackCell offering, along with her Tactical Pet named Megabyte.
  • Spawn headlines the Battle Pass: The multiple forms of antihero Spawn headline the Season 06 Battle Pass, featuring additional Spawn Operator Skins alongside other monsters and maniacs arriving straight from the underworld.
  • Open the Gates of Hell: The Gates of Hell have sprung open to reveal the first glimpse of Season 6’s Halloween-themed Bundles and Operators!

The Haunting: Soul Capture Event

Warzone 2 The Haunting

Available across Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone, the Soul Capture Event is an enhanced, fear-inducing variation on the popular Trophy Hunt Event from Season 3. Available across all game modes, any time a player is eliminated, they leave a Soul behind. Players must collect these Souls, automatically added to their total in all game modes, and trade them for items shown in the Events Tab.

Warzone 2.0 Overview

The Haunting: Vondead

Warzone 2 The Haunting

Additional supernatural activities have occurred across Vondel, which has forced a complete evacuation of the city and surrounding area. A demonic incantation by a sorceress has unleashed a zombie outbreak, bringing nightmares to life as the canals of Vondead run red with blood. Up in the sky, a rare Blood Moon hangs ominously in the sky, casting Vondel in an eerie, scarlet-tinged darkness.

Graveyard of the Witch, Altars of the Butcher

The source of this abnormal activity appears to be the Graveyard, a hive of summoning activity that should be infiltrated. However, many of Vondead’s points of interest show signs of a city overrun with the undead — from the burning vehicles to the barricaded and vandalized shops to the bloodied tramway and train station. There are other alarming activities to investigate at the zoo, stadium, and elsewhere.

Demonic altars have also been erected around Vondead, seemingly a source of power for these activities and linked in some way to a feared entity known in myth and legend as “The Butcher.” Killing him allows players to claim The Haunting-themed rewards.

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