VTuber Ironmouse Becomes the Most Subscribed Twitch Channel Overtaking xQc

Popular VTuber and streamer Ironmouse recently became the most subscribed English Twitch channel.

VTuber is a popular term used to define streamers and content creators who use a virtual avatar. They usually don’t show their face and use real-time motion tracking technology to make their avatar move, talk, and make facial expressions. One of the most popular and well-known VTuber’s is Ironmouse.

Ironmouse is a popular Puerto Rican VTuber and Streamer, famous for singing and gaming during her Livestreams. Many fans are fond of her personality and high-pitched voice. Ironmouse is currently part of a VTuber group called Vshojo, a US-based VTuber organization.

About two weeks ago, Ironmouse started her very own subathon, which has been running for the past 15 days. And as a result of this subathon, Ironmouse has become the most subscribed English Twitch channel overtaking big streamers like xQc, HasanAbi, Nickmercs, Trainwreck, etc.

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IronMouse becomes most subscribed English Twitch Streamer:

According to TwitchTracker.com, IronMouse is currently the most subscribed English-speaking Twitch channel. At the time of writing this article, Ironmouse has more than 86,680 subscribers on Twitch. This news took a lot of Twitch viewers by surprise as Ironmouse beat another popular Twitch streamer, xQc.

Ironmouse Most Subscribed English Twitch Channel
Ironmouse Most Subscribed English Twitch Channel Credit: twitchtracker.com

Ironmouse is currently in 2nd position overall, trailing only behind Spanish streamer Casimito. Casimito currently has 93,608 subscribers, so Ironmouse is not that far off from catching up to him.

Casimito Vs Ironmouse Twitch subscriber count
Casimito Vs Ironmouse Twitch subscriber count Credit: Twitchtracker.com

At the rate Ironmouse is gaining subscribers, it might not be long before she becomes the most subscribed Twitch channel in the world.

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