Viper receives major nerfs in VALORANT patch 2.09

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Viper has become a must-pick agent in certain maps following her recent buffs in VALORANT, but that may change in the latest patch 2.09.

Viper wasn’t that popular in her debut as her kits weren’t as effective as they seemed at first glance. So, in order to change that Riot Games gave her a series of buffs. Even after all that buffs, she was still not very popular.

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Recently Riot Games buffed her decay damage to 50HP. And that seemed to have done it for Viper as she soon became a must pick in some maps. Her instant decay combined with Viper’s pit meant instant death for players.

And suddenly, Viper’s pick rate skyrocketed on almost all skill levels. She was performing very well. However, some players still thought Riot Games might have given her too much power as her decay ability felt very frustrating to deal with.

Viper nerf is here

After many complaints from the VALORANT community, Riot Games decided to slightly tweak her decay damage from 50 to 30 hp. This keeps her decay damage in check while also giving her ample headroom to control an area.

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From now on, players won’t have to instantly die if they touch Viper’s wall and pit at the same time as that was really broken.

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