Viewer Drove 700 Miles and Sets Twitch Streamer’s Car on Fire

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: justfoxii

A viewer drove 700 miles from home and set a popular Twitch streamer’s Jaguar F-Type car on fire. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident.

Kylie Carter, commonly known by her online alias, justfoxii is a popular streamer and a content creator on Twitch. She started streaming on Twitch around 2015 and currently has more than 590k followers on the platform.

The streamer recently shared that one of her viewers came in front of her house and set her car on fire, a piece of unimaginable news for any human being. Although nobody was hurt, the incident left justfoxii and her family in deep trauma.

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Viewer Set justfoxii’s F-Type on Fire

justfoxii released a video sharing the whole incident. According to her, this happened two weeks before, when she was on vacation far away from home. She received a call from her mother, who was crying at the moment, and told her that someone had set her car on fire.

Thankfully, she had a security camera set outside her house that recorded the incident from the beginning. An unknown individual approached her car and put a brick on top of the car’s hood. He put a bucket on top of the brick, which seemed to have some sort of flammable in it, and set it on fire. The individual casually walked away after setting up the fire.

The next cut of the video showed that the front of the car was on fire. Fortunately, the firefighters responded quickly and extinguished the fire, which also spread to the fence of her house. Understandably, the incident has left all the family members “traumatized.”

credit: justfoxii

The person who caused the fire was reportedly arrested. The motivation behind his actions hasn’t yet been disclosed. The only information justfoxii shared with her audience is that the individual was a viewer, and he drove 700 miles to do it. Thankfully, everyone in her family is safe, and justfoxii wishes to return to regular streaming after she feels motivated enough.

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