Veibae has been Banned from Twitch

Popular VTuber and Streamer Veibae was recently banned from Twitch.

Veibae is a popular English VTuber from the UK region. She started as an independent streamer but joined Vshojo, a US-based VTuber organization, in late 2021. Being a part of this organization, she frequently appears alongside other VTubers such as Nyanners, Zentreya, Ironmouse, Apricot, etc.

Veibae is mostly seen streaming on Twitch to her 830k followers. She usually spends her time in the Just Chatting section and sometimes plays various games such as Overwatch, Apex Legends, Minecraft, etc. Veibae’s Twitch channel is ranked #103 English channel and #191 overall.

Recently she debuted a new model along with a high-quality lore video. But just a few days after that, on April 17, Twitch banner her account.

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Veibae Banned from Twitch:

StreamerBans, a Twitch bot responsible for announcing bans of Twitch streamers, recently revealed Veibae’s ban. According to, this is Veibae’s first-ever ban on the streaming platform.

Twitch did not reveal any information about the ban as they have a policy about it. Veibae, on the other hand, posted on Twitter sharing some bits and crumbs about her recent Twitch ban. In the Tweet, she wrote,

“so uhh..

exclusive limited BANNED streamer merch available at

24h suspension 4 showin somethin dumb, i’ll be back tomorrow :^)”

She took advantage of her ban situation to plug her merch store. Additionally, we now know that Twitch issued her a 24-hour suspension, and she will be back to streaming soon.

Veibae Ban Reason:

According to some of her fans, Veibae watched some furry convention video during her last Livestream that showed some d*ldos. She apparently also confirmed on her Discord channel that she showed “Dragon D*ck” during her Livestream and that was the reason for her ban.

Veibae explains ban reason in her discord server
Credit: Imgur

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