Riot Explains Why Vayne Top is Not Overpowered Anymore in League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Vayne Top is apparently not overpowered anymore.

Vayne, The Night Hunter, released in 2011, is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She is a hypermobile marksman who excels at doing tons of long-range true damage. She can be played both as an ADC in the bot lane and in the Top lane. This is where the problem with Vayne lies; she is one of the few ADCs that can be played successfully in the Top lane.

Top lane Vayne is a different breed of problem compared to her ADC counterpart. Since she is a mid-range ADC, she can be bullied out of lane pretty hard by other long-range ADCs in the Bot lane. While in the Top lane, most of the champions are mostly melee and thanks to her mobility, it is hard to punish her. If not punished, she can scale freely into the and become a monster. Also, she can bully most Top lane champions out of the lane.

That said, she has been absent from the meta for the last couple of months. Due to the season 13 changes, she has somewhat been power crept. Thus in Patch 13.6, Riot decided to give some power back to Vayne. This was a big concern for many players, especially Top Lanes. Also, there was a chance that Vayne Top would be back.

But surprisingly, It didn’t, and Riot recently explained why it didn’t happen.

Why Vayne Top is Not Overpowered

In a recent Dev Blog, Riot elaborated on how the buffs on Patch 13.6 affected Vayne and why she is not that strong in the Top lane. Before the patch, the champion was pretty weak overall and thus required a buff.

According to Riot, she functions too well in the lower tier of play while underperforming in the higher level. Most lower-tier players don’t know how to deal with Vayne, let alone Vayne Top, which leads to frustration among players. While In the higher tier of play, she is punished very heavily.

That is why Riot on Patch 13.6 sought to buff her disproportionately for higher-level players. This worked as she is not the top lane menace she once was, as Vayne Top currently remains the 45th most common top lane pick globally. Meanwhile, her Bot lane performance has also increased quite a bit.

That said, Riot mentioned that if she becomes dominant once again in the top lane, Riot will swiftly act.

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