VALORANT: Yay Officially Joins DSG to Compete in NA Challengers League Split 2

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: DSG

After the unexpected departure from Cloud9, Yay has found a new home in Disguised Toast’s VALORANT team DSG.

Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker, also known as “El Diablo” is one of NA’s best VALORANT players. The pro player joined the Cloud9 lineup in the hopes of becoming the greatest team in NA following the heartbreaking loss to LOUD in the VALORANT 2022 Champions.

However, just 4.5 months later, Yay parted ways with C9 due to the controversial “role issues.” The decision from C9 was severely criticized by the community. Nonetheless, NA’s arguably best player became a free agent and was looking for a team to compete in VCT 23.

The good news is Yay has found a new home. Jeremy Wang, AKA Disguised Toast, signed Yay in his DSG VALORANT roster. Fortunately, this time, it’s not an April fool joke, as Disguised Toast officially confirmed Yay’s entrance into the team.

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Yay Joins DSG to Compete in NA Challengers League Split 2

DSG’s performance in the NA Challengers Split 1 was somewhat unsatisfactory. The team was eliminated in the mid-season face-off after losing to M80 in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals and then to TSM in the Lower Bracket Round 1.

Credit: DSG

So, after the disappointing run, DSG decided to shake things up with the surprise signing of Yay, taking Drake ‘Exalt’ Branley’s spot, who parted ways with DSG a month before Yay’s signing to the team.

Yay will make his debut with the new DSG lineup in the NA Challengers Split 2 on April 18, 2023. Currently, DSG has 7 VCL points. Hopefully, after Split 2, DSG will have enough points to snatch a spot in the top 8 and qualify for the VCT 2023 Challengers North America Playoffs.

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