VALORANT to Add a New Feature that Will Let You Invite Players to Party Without Adding Them As Friends

Riot Games, the developers of VALORANT recently released a blog post where they talked about a feature that will let you invite players to party without adding them as friends.

Riot Games recently released a long blog post about their plans with handling social interactions in VALORANT. In it, they discussed how they focused on the AFK’s for the last couple of months. They talked about the new AFK-detection system and penalty structure. Chat-based offenses have also been taken into consideration which increased communication experience for all players.

At the end part of the blog post, there was a part titled “ON THE HORIZON”. In this section of the blog post, we learn about the Riot’s future plans regarding social interaction between players. Our topic for this article is this section today.

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Voice comms Moderation:

Riot talked about how the same chat moderation system that we have currently will be implemented for voice coms as well. They also encouraged players to keep using the reporting feature and also share clips of offensive players.

“These types of detections (and associated penalties) will come to voice comms as well. In the meantime, please continue to report offending players, and please continue to share with us your clips as you make reports, until we finalize our tech.”

Riot’s Plan to Award Good behavior:

Next, we learned about Riot’s plan to award good behavior in VALORANT. Players who are nice to each other will get some form of recognition or visibility according to the blog post.

“We’re investigating ways to detect positive behavior, and to give players visibility and recognition for their pro-social play.”

Invite non-friends to party:

Riot also shared their plans to introduce a new system where you can invite players who are not yet your friends to party up. Currently, if you want to send someone a party invite you need to add them to your friends list first.

Later if you don’t like playing with them then it becomes very awkward to unfriend them. Riot seeks to eliminate this issue with the feature where you can invite players to party only using their Riot ID.

“As a little added bonus, we’re introducing a new feature which allows you to invite players to games with only their Riot ID (rather than having to add them as a friend first). This will give you the chance to test out new teammates, without the commitment of adding them to your friends list.”

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