VALORANT: players who queue with cheaters will receive a 90-day penalty

In recent times, top-ranked players have been facing a lot of cheaters and abusers in their VALORANT lobby.

One of the issues that became more problematic in the ranked environment is the use of boosting services to inflate a player’s actual rank. Boosting is mainly handing over your account to a third party to play the game for you in the ranked mode.

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of boosting services that are available online for players to use real money to artificially inflate their rank in an online multiplayer game. Riot clearly states using boosting services are not allowed.

Another incident that is becoming more widespread nowadays is queuing with cheaters. Riot calls the term ‘bussing’. According to Riot, one of their new goals is to discipline players who queue with cheaters, or as they colloquially call it, “ride the cheat bus on the highway to hell.”


  • 90-day penalty for “bussing”
  • Researching the ability to re-calibrate rank for those affected by cheaters
  • Meta-game system updates

With future updates, Riot will penalize players who queue with cheaters to get boosted. They will receive a 90-day penalty for queuing with cheaters. Alongside disciplining players who queue with cheaters, strong action will also be taken against actual cheaters in the upcoming patches.

Riot claims while it is not a perfect anti-cheat system, it is still making it harder and way more expensive for players to cheat. And they will also be taking a closer look at the First Strike tournament to ensure fair play.

Changes are coming to help players who have been impacted by cheaters

Since a lot of players’ rank has been tainted by the existence of cheaters in their lobby, Riot plans to recalibrate the rank of those players who have been impacted by these cheaters.

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