VALORANT Patch Notes 4.07: Latin America Server, Weapon Nerf, AFK Detection, and More

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Riot Games finally revealed patch notes for the new 4.07 VALORANT update.

Today is April 12, 2022, which means it’s patch day for VALORANT, Riot Games’ famous 5v5 tactical shooter. We already have the information about weapon nerfs and other changes in patch 4.07 of VALORANT. The patch will contain adjustments to two weapons, store, agents, and addition to a new server.

VALORANT is a tactical shooter game famous for its precise gunplay. The game has undergone significant weapon changes to keep the competitive integrity since it made its first entry into the FPS genre.

There are 6 major weapon classes in the game. These include Pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Machine guns. All the weapon categories have gone through some tweaks from the beginning.

There are also other Agents, Maps, Store, and Server Changes that took place throughout the lifetime of VALORANT. The 4.07 patch notes will talk about the changes that Riot Games released recently and will be live shortly.

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VALORANT 4.07 Patch Notes

We have received early information about the released 4.07 patch through ValorLeaks, and we can see some Bulldog and Stinger adjustments.

According to the patch information, Bulldog and Stinger will receive some input delays while switching to ADS mode, meaning you will not get accurate burst fire while you are going into ADS mode anymore.

Apart from these weapon changes. The other Changes that will take place:


  • Added a new set of servers in Latin America, which should help with latency in that region
    • Scheduled to turn on not long after 4.07 is live!


  •  Bulldog and Stinger now delay firing inputs while bringing up the weapon to aim down sights (ADS)
    • Prevents you from getting burst mode accuracy improvements before they finish raising your weapon.
    • Adds a slight cost to the decision to switch to burst firing mid-combat.
    • You can still begin firing immediately while switching back to full auto/hip fire mode.
    • Ability-based weapons* can now also be input-queued to equip after the current action
    • *This includes: Chamber guns and ultimates for Neon, Jett, and Raze


The VALORANT Agents have been busy with a pretty frightening problem. Explore around the Shooting Range to find out what they’re up to.


  • Load times for the VP purchase page should now load in a matter of seconds (previously, it would take more than thirty seconds in some instances)


  • Added new detections for different AFK-like behaviors in rotating game modes
    • Friendly reminder that discriminatory behavior is not tolerated in VALORANT, and if brought to our attention, we will be reviewing the incidents on a case by case basis and determining an appropriate punishment accordingly. We will also be updating our Code of Conduct to be more specific and avoid any misinterpretation. —S&PD Team



  • Fixed a bug where Yoru could use a weapon immediately at the end of his ultimate by exploiting an unwanted interaction with ropes
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to defuse the Spike while channeling abilities
  • Skye’s Seekers can once again break through the destructible doors on Ascent


  • Fixed a bug where comms-restricted players could not listen to team voice chat
  • Fixed a bug where players were not always immediately removed from the game after being banned


  • Fixed a bug that was causing performance bonuses to show at incorrect times


  • Fixed an issue where briefly tapping the “Use Spike” button to plant the Spike could cause you to end up holding the Spike instead of your last equipped weapon

As for now, these are all changes in patch 4.07. We’ll update further information if the official playvalorant website makes any changes.

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