VALORANT Love event: Love letter locations, Heart Rank, Love Rating and more

The highly anticipated VALORANT Patch 2.06 went live recently. This patch seems to include some sort of Love event for April 1st. Shortly after the patch going live, there have been sightings of ‘Love letters’ in the game.

Like many other games, Riot has also decided to do something unique for April 1st. The new event seems to be centered around Love letters, Love rating and Heart rank. Love letters are a new Easter egg added in specific locations in Ascent. These offer a unique graphic showcasing the agents Killjoy, Cypher, Brimstone and Jett. These seem to tease a ‘Love event’.

Love Letter Locations:

The following video by Valorant Leaks showcases the locations of these Love letters in Ascent. When these are found and interacted with, they show their respective Love letter page. Also each letter has a hint on where it is located.

Love Rating and Heart Rank

According to Valorant Leaks, there will be the addition of ‘Love rating’ as well. The way to earn this love rating is not yet known. Speculation is it might be earned through playing together with friends in a party. With enough love rating, one might be able to earn the Heart Rank.

This is looking to be the April fools event introduced by Riot. The Love letters add a cute flavor to our favorite agents and offer unique content to the game.

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